Siblings {February}

I am so, so glad I decided to join in this monthly sibling photography project.
{See last month’s entry for cast of characters ūüôā }


This has been an interesting month for their relationship, or maybe it’s always an interesting month, but I happened to notice several things.

Katherine and John decided to get all buddy-buddy with each other for a good week, to the point where John had a multi-night sleepover in Kat.’s room. I really didn’t mind this seeing as they had fun and seemed to sleep a little better (or at least were quieter in the morning)… But… they totally excluded Karl and that’s just no bueno. Most especially heart wrenching for this mama was when Karl woke up one night, noticed Johnny wasn’t in his bed and absolutely melted down. After that the sleepover stopped.

And the very next day it was Johnny and Karl playing together to the exclusion of Katherine.

I guess that’s normal?

Anyways, they always seem to have good snuggle times all together when we’re reading. Especially in mama’s bed ūüôā


dear beautiful



winter day {p,h,f,r}

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It’s been a little while since I joined in with a {p,h,f,r} post, and I wanted to do a little more, but….. computer is acting up. And it’s almost 10:30PM and I fully intended to get off over an hour ago…. so.

I headed outside for a little while today to snap a few pictures of the kids playing. It’s been a few snowfalls since I took any, and they’ve been going out usually twice a day to play. They since have their own little games and obstacles they like to do.



I’m so, so, so, trying to find some beauty in what feels like continuous snow.

This little flower hanger is on our front porch and has been featured in other photos (mostly sunsets… in the summer…). I’m not sure where we acquired it, would love to have more decorative hangers like these ūüôā



If there are any people who are totally loving this weather it’s these little ones.

I love the absolute joy on her face as she was jumping.

She told me while we were outside “I just love the snow, mama”



I suppose this could just be in the “real” category as well. But we have pretty much just run out of places to put the snow.

Again, the kiddos have totally been enjoying being able to look into the dining room. And jumping and sliding down that pile. (I did get a few pictures, but like I said before, computer problems this evening that I just couldn’t bear to deal with.)



honestly though, I think their favorite part of the snowy outside, is coming inside and having hot chocolate (or “I just want some plain coffee with sugar, mom” ~ Katherine….)


Sweet sleeping little baby slept through all the afternoon’s adventures outside.


That’s it for me for tonight. Heading off to read a little before bed.

Siblings {January}

Haven’t done an update post for a while, so I figured I could go ahead and get one done for all of you.

If you’re popping over from the “dear beautiful Siblings linkup” let me introduce my clan:

favorite activity: lounging on mama and dad’s bed

Katherine (5yo)
This month, we’ve been working on reading a little more intentionally (her reading, not me reading with the kids as I mentioned… oh… a few posts back I think). Anyway, the last few days she’s really picked up. Today she hollered from the bedroom as I was turning out the lights and gathering laundry: I read some of my Ariel book by myself¬†(she’s totally into The Little Mermaid or anything princess-y for that matter). Steps in the right direction! I think she finally made a connection between doing the reading lessons and reading actual books for fun! Yay!

I also caught her trying to teach a pretty open Karl the letters and sounds. A little while later she was trying to get Zak interested!

Sibling Status: Ring Leader

John (4yo)
Definitely he’s still my most sensitive child. His big thing recently has been building train tracks with the wooden trains. He’s been able to¬†make¬†figure out¬†some elaborate¬†designs by himself.

He absolutely adores his older sister, and is constantly trying to do anything with her. Today during “rest” time, he kept going into her room to show her something from the book he was reading.

Sibling Status: Follower

Karl (just turned 3)
Does his absolute best to keep up with his older siblings. And does a pretty¬†good job of it, if I do say so myself. His articulation and¬†“debating” skills are eye opening and so far above where the first two were at the same age. He’s definitely not afraid to¬†make his opinions known.

He’s unfortunately getting over a bit of a head cold at the moment which has slowed him down quite a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind skipping out on meals he doesn’t care for. ūüėČ

Sibling Status: His own man, but totally dependent on the other two

Zachary (3 months tomorrow!)
Enjoys laughing (yes, little baby laughs have just recently been heard), smiling at anyone who will get in his face,¬†“talking” and watching the goings-on of his older siblings. Oh, and he’s nearly¬†out of 9month clothing….

Sibling Status: Baby

John and Zak
Johnny and Zak

One of my favorite things the last few months has been to see how the kids have welcomed their new brother. I keep getting questions and comments about what he’ll do outside in the summer, if he can ride a bike, when can he talk… All things that tell me they’re excited for him to join them.

Another thing that’s been neat to watch is their pretend play with each other. It’s gotten so much more involved and detailed. I periodically hear them calling “mom” or “dad” and they’re using it in whatever game they’re doing.

This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. I know, I know, another project, but they’re changing so quickly that I want to be able to keep a memory of them together. I unofficially did this two years ago, but my stuff from last year was random at best.

dear beautiful


Being your mother

Being Your Mother

A few weeks back I happened upon a post by Becca @ Three Plus Me Blog. It’s the beginning of a series of letters she will be writing to her newborn daughter (after having¬†two boys).¬†She invites anyone else who would like to¬†join in to do it as well. I¬†initially fully intended to get a post done and keep up with it, but I haven’t so far written anything.

But, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it…. Becca’s writing every week. I¬†don’t know if I can¬†realistically hold myself to that. But maybe… once a month?

To be honest, the first few years weren’t that much different (boy/girl). You’ve got some pretty emotional¬†brothers though,¬†so… It’s really only been the last year or so that you, my dear little one have turned into a girl-y girl.

I don’t count myself as knowing how to be a mommy to a girl-y girl. I wasn’t one when I was growing up. The thought of wearing dresses was almost repulsive. I can almost remember foot-stomping around because I had to wear one… But my memory says I was about 6 or 7, so perhaps that isn’t quite accurate. Nevertheless, I still didn’t care for dresses. Although I did have a pair of black click-y shoes which I liked¬†(they disappeared out of the yard one day though, so that was the end of the click-y shoes).

I really don’t recall ever being into princesses and dolls. I really, really, didn’t like the color pink. All those things you LOVE right now? I would hardly go near when I was little.

Over the last week, we’ve spent a few evenings after you’ve “gone to bed” with you brushing my hair. You’ve got some sort of story that’s going on… Something about me wearing a bracelet for¬†Mimi’s wedding {in August} and having Leia-buns. You’ll go on and on, just¬†like a hair stylist. In fact you straight up asked me a few nights ago “So, how’s the baby?”

I have a feeling that¬†this is important time to spend together because¬†Sunday, when you¬†were having a rough afternoon and had been sent to have a quiet time in your room, you called for me. I came upstairs, asked what you needed and you said “I just haven’t talked to you all day”.

If there’s one thing I want to make sure happens with you, it’s that I know you and you know me, and you can talk to me.¬†I’m not saying we have to be best friends (because honestly I don’t think that’s the smartest parenting move in the world), but I would love for us not to be strangers. I didn’t really get to know my mom until after you were born. I was 23. Twenty-three years is too long to not know someone that important. So I will try my hardest to not let it happen to us. Even if it means I have to learn how to be a 5-year-old girl-y girl ūüėČ

Love, Mama

P.S. Thanks again Becca, for starting this!