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My Sunday Best – mommy
My Sunday Best – Kat

You know those times you just show up at Mass? Those times where the mornings don’t quite go as planned? And there are moments of pure frustration? This was one of those mornings.

I kneeled down before we began and was definitely questioning the “why’s” of making the effort. When the processional started and I realized the words…

“Here I am to worship // here I am to bow down // here am I to say that you’re my God”

I felt like God had definitely made Himself heard (by me) loud and clear.


Switching gears a little, I’m answering this week’s “Just Enough Info” questions…

What is your mom beverage of choice? 

Well…. If we’re talking alcoholic beverage (?) then I really don’t drink, so…. I’m leaving that one blank.

If we’re talking other beverage…


Hands Down.

If it was possible I would live off coffee. And it’s not the caffeine buzz that does it for me (I really don’t get much of a buzz) nor the popular mommy cliche “I’m so tired, I just need coffee to survive” (I’d rather just have the sleep thankyouverymuch) I just, really, REALLY, love coffee.

What do you do to relax? 

Read or Crochet. Listen to Podcasts. Drink Coffee.

When was the last time you got away with girlfriends or alone (and the grocery store does NOT count)?



I went to Cape Cod with Jared for our anniversary a few weeks ago, but… we took Nicholas, so that’s not really “alone”.

Before that, I seriously have no idea.

One thing I did realize while we were at the Cape was that I was seriously exhausted. Not necessarily in a “need more actual sleep” kind of way, but of being hands on mom every minute of the day. Yes, having Nicholas there meant I was still doing mom stuff all the time, but it was just him. I don’t think I had realized just how much mental time and energy I had been spending doing all the mom stuff that needs doing. And what I took away from that is that I’m pretty sure I need to have some more built in away time.

I think awareness is the first step in correcting that, but beyond that I don’t know how to implement it. Because I think it goes beyond needing just a couple of hours to myself. I feel like I might need more like an entire day and logistically I don’t know how that’s supposed to work right now. I do have some ideas, but baby N. complicates it. Prayers?


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My Sunday Best {6}



Blue top

Brown skirt

Fake pearl necklace with coordinating fake pearl earrings

… And sweat… And a newly turned 5-month old (not pictured)…


Ok, so I know this wasn’t the Gospel reading today, but maybe it was from a few weeks (months?) back? I dunno. Anyways, I’m thinking of the Mary and Martha passage (Luke 10) and to be honest, I’ve never really “gotten” it. I’ve always felt Martha got the snub end of the deal because there really ARE things that need to be done in life, and I’ve never really been able to reconcile the things that NEED to be done vs. sitting and BEING with Jesus.

The other way I’ve never really felt I’ve “gotten” it, is, say I actually do get a chance to just sit and be with Jesus. What am I supposed to do? Especially if my chance to sit and be still comes while I’m at home? I mean, if I sit down on the couch and close my eyes and just BE with him, I fall asleep. (Hey, just being honest).

But, I was outside with the two little boys a few weeks back, Z was traipsing all over the yard and I was holding Nicholas. Z was happy, N was happy, I was thinking “Oh, I need my phone so I can take a picture”. I almost got up and got it, but didn’t want to disturb N’s contented looking around.

Well, I guess I don’t NEED to document every single happy moment of them playing outside… I guess I could just BE outside with them…

It hit me then. My kids are a big part of my vocation; they’re a big part, if not the main way, I am serving God right now, in my day to day, moment to moment life. I got a taste, probably a very small little teeny tiny taste, of what it means to be a “Mary”, of what it means to just sit and be… to just sit and listen.


It was so peaceful…

No, I won’t have a photograph to document the climbing in and out of the little tykes car or the baby staring intently at the brick walkway, but I did feel God showing me HIS truth just a little bit more.


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My Sunday Best {5}


sunday best

Used the self-timer for this super not in focus photo 🙂

15-year-old black skirt and top (from a grab bag…)


Have been thinking of the idea of Sunday’s as a “Day of Rest” for a good long time now. Ever since I had to pick something up from a neighbor’s and I walked in and everyone, except the toddler, was reading a book on the couch. I made a comment to the extent of “rest time?” and the dad replied something like “yep. Sunday. Day of Rest. We try to actually rest all day.” That kinda just floored my 18 year old self. At the time I didn’t really consider it something that needed to happen, but once I had kids I think I really understood it more. 🙂

Since I realized it was something I actually needed, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it happen. At the moment though, I’m a cloth diapering mama to five littles who need to eat and sometimes make just crazy amounts of messes. So at this time in my life my “day of rest” looks pretty much just like every other day of the week.

I do however try (huge EMPHASIS on TRY) to at the very least not do laundry. I mean, we have plenty of articles of clothing so there really is no need for me to rush get all the laundry done the moment it gets into the dirty clothes pile. But this does mean that I have to be extra intentional about getting most of it done Saturday or else I spend ALL of Monday trying to catch up. I also sometimes just have to wash the diapers. I mean, I try and get a load going on Saturday, but, we’re at a stage right now where I don’t really have enough diapers to last more than 36 hours so I have to wash all the time, and sometimes the “time” comes on Sunday.

But regardless, that’s my one thing I try to do.

The other thing I thought of, and first did this past Sunday, was to make sure I spent time working on one of my fun projects. For example: yesterday everyone watched Lord of the Rings (extended version… so… 3-4 hours?) and after a bit I just sat down and worked on my crochet blanket instead of trying to make sure things were clean.

So those are my little things I try to do to make Sundays just the tiniest bit different.

Thoughts for making Sunday more restful?


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My Sunday Best {4}





So, I went through the rest of my non-maternity clothes in the attic and found this skirt. I totally forgot I had it. It’s one of my favorites. I mean, the attached slip part is a little “off”, but I still like it a lot.

I’m really thinking of looking into getting some more maxis because I definitely prefer them, especially for church.

Anyway, like always my outfit it totally and completely pieced together from Savers 🙂 (I think). Honestly I rarely get “new” clothes for myself and it’s been so long, so I don’t remember where they’re from 😉

I wish I could remember even the main point from the homily, but I got lost when Father brought up a story of a widow in a former parish (of his) who had lost her son and how that must be the greatest fear of all mothers…. and yup… I rabbit trailed after that because it is probably one of my biggest deep down fears.


But in other Mass news, a few weeks back the kids got rosaries in children’s Liturgy. So of course they spent all the rest of the Prayers not so quietly opening and holding (and dropping and swinging, etc…) them. We were getting back into the pew after Communion and I realized Karl didn’t have his (visibly) in his hands and it wasn’t on the seat or the floor. So I thought “great, lost it already”, I asked him where it was as he was sitting down and he checked his pockets, the pew the floor. No rosary. Then he pulled up his shirt and saw it dangling out of his pants. Pulled it out triumphantly and said “here it is!”….

I still think Katherine knocking the heater off the wall during the all solemn, nearly silent Good Friday service was the best though. {Seriously, how do they manage?}

What stories do you have about your kiddos in Mass?

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My Sunday Best {3}

Happy Monday Afternoon everyone! I did mean to write this yesterday, but I also needed to run to the grocery store before the pharmacy closed to pick up hubby’s medicine. And then it was dinner. Then it was a quick visit to my parents to see my grandparents. Then kids to bed. Then Game of Thrones. Then it was too late to start anything on the computer.

So. Here I am on Monday afternoon with 42 minutes left of nap time to get a post in 🙂

MSB 5-22

I promise I’m not pregnant. I guess I’m just in the habit of holding my shirt tight to my belly? Left over baby love for all you folks to see…

MSB 5-22-3

Including him here because he slept on me all during Mass. Really, that wasn’t a bad thing. At least it kept him from trying to wander in, over and around the pews.

MSB 5-22-2

She needed in on the action!
Many thanks to my sister-in-law for her sense of style. She (SIL) gave Kat this dress last year  and she (Kat) very specifically told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to wear a dress with legging-pants and heels (no tights) so she could be like Mimi (SIL)…. And I’m over here still wearing the same $10 skirt I bought at Wal-Mart 15 some odd years ago….


Needing to share some happy news this week (in absolutely no order of importance, just order of occurrence)

My Sister-in-Law (a different one than mentioned above) had her baby! Titus William joined our extended Holloway family on Thursday! Kat asked me if we could go see him… I wish baby girl… Oh how I wish… but Georgia is just too far to jump in the car for a quick visit.

One of my cousins was married on Saturday! Congratulations Judson and Megan, many prayers and blessings as you begin your life together! ❤

My brother Santi graduated with his Bachelors in Engineering yesterday! Congratulations Santi! I know how much work school is when one is living at home with no family responsibilities or full time job, so I can’t imagine working on a degree with a wife, two kids, a house, and multiple jobs…. So happy for you ❤

I was thinking about all these events a few days back, and thought about posting them here on the blog. And was trying to decide if that was something I should do and what would people say if I did (really? maybe I think too much about these things some times). I figured people would probably just say congratulations, but then it isn’t really me that should be getting congratulated, is it??, etc.. (……my mind folks…. just my mind…)

Then it came to me that we are all family, so there is cause for all of us to be congratulated! When one celebrates we all celebrate with them; when one is happy we all are happy for them; when one is sad we’re all sad together with them.
This all reminded me of the first time I realized how connected we as Catholics, and all Christians, are. I was at Daily Mass (how so very grateful I was that day for Daily Mass), and my heart was so heavy (it was when one of my little cousins had cancer and they didn’t think he would make it). So I went specifically to pray for this intention. We were at the prayers of the people (don’t know if that’s the correct term), but there’s a line where the deacon says “… for all the intentions held within the hearts of those gathered” at that moment I wanted to get up and yell at everyone there to “pray for MY intention, please… It is so so important” (Not that other intentions aren’t I just was very emotionally wrapped up in praying for my cousin). But as soon as I yelled in my mind at everyone we all responded “Lord, hear OUR prayer” and I knew in that moment that everyone was praying for my intention and I was praying for all of theirs.
Anyway, it was a very moving and powerful realization, and I felt a little bit of that this weekend when I was reviewing the events of the week and how closely we all are tied together in… life.

Guess Z. is not going to nap, but on the bonus side that means an early bedtime 🙂


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