Project 366: Week 30 {206-212}

Week 30 24 July through 30 July {206-212}

206 ~ Shoes I wore to Mass. Katherine found them and begged me to wear them. I bought them years ago for a cousin’s wedding, but haven’t worn them since (I prefer plainer shoes).
207 ~ Pretty Boy
208 ~ Time stamp on this was 07:21 (after they’d been out for a while and I came to see what they had built)
209 ~ Got to visit with Jared’s brother. We found a playground and the kids played as much as they could in the time we were there.
210 ~ Can’t nap unless all the Lego guys are just so
211 ~ A bookshelf built by my brother, for a customer for my dad’s company.
212 ~ Last minute photo for the day. Boy’s getting big, must get that other crib set up pronto….



Real camera photos this week: 2

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Project 366: Week 28, 29 {192-205}

Week 28 10 July through 16 July {192-198}

192 – Praying before Mass

193 – She has been wanting to give me breakfast (in bed) since Mother’s Day. (She also wanted to do it for Father’s Day…) But each day she woke up and said “oops, I got up too late”. So on this morning she came in while I was sitting on the couch with breakfast. She totally has the whole “presentation” thing down, but she didn’t learn it from me.

194 – Don’t know what’s up with the moths lately. But we’ve had quite a few this summer. But, come to think of it, I haven’t noticed quite so many this past week (this photo was from two weeks ago), so maybe the heat has something to do with them leaving?

195 – First corn-on-th-cob of the season.

196 – Yeah, so one afternoon the kids decided to play “Orcs” in the mud. I think it had rained earlier in the day so mud was abounding.

197 – Drive-through date nights. Alternate caption: Going on dates with a 4 month old.

198 – Nicholas.

Week 29 17 July through 23 July {199-205}

199 – Brothers just playing

200 – We “inherited” these old books from my father-in-law which we keep on the mantle (out of reach of little fingers). Well, Kat took a relatively long nap this day and so was up way after the other kiddos had gone to bed and she asked to see them. She enjoyed looking through them. Pretty sure she couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that they over two hundred years old. {She kept asking if they were older than me}

201 (and bonus) – Zachary’s first time painting. Not sure he was too impressed with how it tasted.

202 – If the squirrels ever stop eating our grapes we will have a nice little crop in a few weeks. That would be great because I didn’t harvest and last year (or borrow from my dad’s and brother’s unused harvest), so our homemade grape jelly supply has long since run out and I’d love a resupply.

203 – He fell asleep this way. I just…. *sigh*…. 🙂

204 – Papa bought water guns. The kids had a blast from what I heard. (It was their evening to spend with them, so I wasn’t actually there.)

205 – Breakfast at Grandma’s. Doughboys, berries from the farmers market and cheese, all topped with powdered sugar. {If you’re keeping track: yes, the kids are at my parents Friday night, we go home, and we’re back there first thing Saturday morning for breakfast… not sure how that’s happened, but such is the way of things at the moment.}


Guys!!!!! I finished TWO WEEKS worth and it’s Saturday AFTERNOON!!!!! I feel… accomplished? Well, anyways they’re done for this week. Catch you all next weekend!

Real camera photos this week: 5 (between both weeks)

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Project 366: Week 27 {185-191}

I *will* WILL WILL get this post written tonight!!!!! 😉

I posted last week this photo on instagram:

*Project 366 - Week 27 28 4 out of 6 library books currently checked out (the others are on the kindle). All due back within the next 3 weeks (one as soon as 2 days), none renewable on account of many holds in place #summerreadingoverload but… #challengeaccepted, so if you don’t see me for the next few days this is why 😉


…. And that’s literally where I’ve been the last week. Just couldn’t quite make myself get on the computer and every time I did it was just more hard news for the world, which didn’t exactly make me want to get on *more*…. Anyways. Finished three of the books, and returned The Gilded Years without reading as it didn’t grab me and was due back (and not renewable) and I didn’t want to rush try and read it through this weekend. One of these days I’ll do a little book post to, you know, actually post on what I’ve read since I know some of you enjoyed those when I did them in the past.

So. Here I am.

Week 27 3 July through 9 July {185-191}

185 – Every time Z takes a walk he stops and visits with St Francis a few houses down.

186 – On the 4th we went to the beach (note to self: stay home next year). It managed to wipe us all out for the remainder of the day. And part of the next. I totally spaced on the whole “lets do a cookout” thing. So we had hot dogs and hamburgers with no buns, generic bratwurst, and leftover potatoes. No pickles, no potato chips, no corn on the cob… I’ve got a baby, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The big kids were able to go with my parents to see the fireworks, which they enjoyed.

187 – Kat came outside while I was putting up the laundry and announced that she was ready to go to work with daddy. She had on her “workbooks” “worker pants” (jeans) and “Casa Buena” Shirt and her backpack with miscellaneous necessities. {She didn’t actually go}

188 – Nicholas

189 – Nicholas and the sock monkey. Resemblance?

190 – We had been out in the driveway and Z managed to escape, while I was sitting RIGHT THERE (mostly because I couldn’t run after him because I was holding Nicholas )which ended up in all three of us just scrapping the whole “play outside” thing. All that to say, he was going into meltdown mode because he had to come in. I guess he was just exhausted though because he crawled up on the couch and fell asleep.

191 – Playing out in the driveway – the big kids.


And I got half of it done. Nicholas woke up. He’s been asleep for close to five hours though, so I really should go tend him. And hope he settles back down for the night. Maybe I’ll get this weeks photos up sometime in the coming week. If not, they’ll be here next Saturday!

Real camera photos this week: 0

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Project 366: Week 26 {178-184}

Week 26 26 June through 2 July {178-184}

178 – Flowers. I love flowers
179 – She wanted to “hold the baby standing up” (and dressed up, because… Monday)
180 – So not helpful, so super cute
181 – If you have an older sister…. sometimes she will dress you up
182 – Warm enough to go in the wading pool
183 – “Where’s Zachy?”
184 – 52-Pick-Up: Uno Style… which makes it what? 108-Pick-Up?



Real camera photos this week: 3 !!! I know, right? (Numbers 4, 5, and 6)

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Project 366: Week 25 {171-177}

Week 25 19 June through 25 June {171-177}

171 – My Grandpa (*their* “Tito”) and the two babies
172 – Roses
173 – This is the Father’s Day present that was completed and in the house *only* two days after FD. To be honest, I’m just super glad it got done. Often these project ideas of mine don’t actually pan out.
174 – She can hula-hoop. I didn’t know this before this day.
175 – They have spent many days this week getting super dirty thanks to the ultra dry dusty “dirt”.
176 – “No MY turn”
177 – Father’s Day cake! Finally! {Clearly we were on. the. ball. this year… but hey, at least now there’s a chocolate cake in my house 🙂 }



Real camera photos this week:… 1

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