Small Success Thursday {2015 #2}


1 ~ I was able to witness a living miracle. Last Christmas our neighbor’s nephew was hospitalized for an aneurism. He was.. is… young, early 20s. We’ve prayed for him every day since we heard about him. He surprised everyone by surviving and has been slowly getting better. He came by to visit his aunt (the neighbor) last week and I was able to see him! I basically spent the rest of the evening trying not to choke up.

He still has a ways to go in recovery. He can stand and walk. But his memory is still shaky. He’s been able to remember his siblings, but he has a daughter and he doesn’t remember her. So prayers for his continued healing would be blessing for his family. His name is Jose.

2 ~ I paid the bills and did other general money stuff without losing my temper. Huge, huge success! Related: I also didn’t yell at Jared during this time… calmly asked questions, yes, but didn’t yell today. So, so much relief.

3 ~ I prepped a small area of our driveway for incoming tomato plants. I’ve been putting this off for a few weeks now. Hopefully this weekend they’ll be there.

4 ~ Worked up a housecleaning schedule that seems like it’s sticking. Going on three weeks, and have had only minor deviations here and there. This is so, so much of a stress reliever. I mean, I’m a pretty lazy cleaner anyway, but just having something in place that’s not overwhelming but still gets most everything done is really helpful.

5 ~ Got all of us over to Mass today! We may have skimped just a little on the lunch part before hand (it’s a noon Mass), but we made it!


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Small Success Thursday {2015 #1}


It’s been months since I’ve done one of these, and there’s talk of discontinuing the link up (over at CatholicMom) if participation continues to dwindle. As I said I don’t always contribute, but when I do it’s actually a great blessing. It’s very positive for me to see what things God has done in my life in the past week, especially when I feel that very little has happened. And every single one of these I’ve done, there have been God-moments, even when I sit down to write thinking “there won’t be anything…”

Anyways, I’d encourage you, if you have a blog to consider joining.

Small Successes from the past week or so:

* I made it to the Good Friday service. I had decided not to go to any of the vigil services on account of the time they’re held and the kids bedtime and the fact that I would most likely go by myself since Jared had decided he didn’t want to go to late, late services. But, Jared did a little shoving out the door on Friday evening and I grabbed Baby Z and went.

I mention this as a success one for the fact that I made it, but two because I was heading up for the adoration of the Holy Cross (or the Eucharist, I don’t remember which time), but I was coming from the back of the church (holding Z. who finally had fallen asleep) so I was in the back of the line, just waiting and I was standing next to Station of the Cross #13. This particular one had a Pieta. In the same instant I saw that, I saw my son and the weight of the moment really sunk it. Often things tend to be surface level, and once in a while I get to *feel* it more and it’s always very powerful. So I’m glad I listened to my husband’s nudging and went.

* We finally got the car in to the shop to do some body work that has been desperately needing to be done. {Maybe not a spiritual success, but a practical one none-the-less}. Maybe the REAL success has been functioning as a one-vehicle family and it being actually OK.

* I was able to get myself organized enough to plant the flowers we picked up from the store a few weeks ago. They were daffodils and tulips, so the bulbs *should* make it through the year. I thought I did something similar a few years back and I thought I remembered those working. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 {I have photos, they’ll probably be up tomorrow, so do please feel free to come back and check in!}

* Started organizing/cleaning out the basement. It is absolutely amazing the space (and things… *ahem*…. little car snow shovel that would have been so, so useful this past winter…) you can find when things actually get put away. And sweeping makes things look so much tidier. Still a ways to go, but we’re getting there. 🙂

That’s going to be a wrap for me this evening. Going to get a few more things taken care of then head to bed.

Oh, wait, one more success: I got in one whole entire Rosary this evening while grocery shopping! I’ve been attempting to do a little more formal praying, but have gotten a little bogged down in the “attempting” stage.

Goodnight to all!
~Ruth Anne

Just a Thursday {p,h,f,r and Small Success Thursday}

{I haven’t done a SST post in ages, and my p,h,f,r posts have been MIA for a while too, such is life at the moment :). Combining the two so as not to have multiple posts on the same day}


cute little boy toes


making them fly


Today was a day that felt like it just needed to be gotten through. It wasn’t a bad day per se, but more one of those days where the mundane gets to be…. more mundane than usual. And anyways, it seemed to get to me a bit more.

Success 1 – managing to mostly keep myself from getting too frustrated. It wasn’t perfect, but much better than it could have been.

Success 2 – taking time to just enjoy my kids playing. I brought down the bristle blocks which haven’t been played with for a while, so they had lots of fun making things. I consciously chose to sit with them instead of trying to do something else while they were occupied. I don’t know if they much noticed I was even there, but it did me a bit of good to get myself out of a mopey mood.








Success 3 – getting my camera out and taking some pictures. I completely love taking photos, especially of the kids, and sometimes I feel I don’t do it often enough. It makes me really happy and relaxed to snap photos, so I was glad I took the time today to do it.

Success 4 – happy to have completed exactly two (2) items from my to-do list I wrote up on Monday. Life with a newborn and all. 🙂











Success 5 – recognizing that my husband has different ways of doing things…. like doing school with the kids…. and that’s ok.


I think that’s all for this evening.

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Small Success Thursday/7QT’s mashup

I saw someone else pull this trick out the bag a few weeks ago, and LOVED the idea. I love the community of 7QT and really love the challenge of SST give me of coming up with ways that God has blessed me in the last week. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so often we focus on the negatives in life – or at least that’s what gets highlighted – and there are so many little blessings God give us each day, sometimes we just have to look for them.)


1. Lumen Fidei The Light of Faith by Pope Francis. I know this came out months ago, but it was listed as an available book to review for one of my reviewer sites, and I picked it as I really wanted to read it (and I have a hard time reading these on the Vatican website). I’ll be making a “real” review in the next week, once I finish it (hopefully today). But in the meantime, it’s been full of little things here and there that have been like water for my soul.

2. Textures. Photography and (sometimes) editing is one of the ways I relax. And it’s been fun to add “being able to use textures (since I figured out how to do them)” to my repertoire of “things I can do with a photograph”.

Show of hands:

Do you all like to see all the photo posts mixed in with the “life” posts? or is it too much, should I make a photo-specific blog? I started to work on one the other day, but got a little frustrated with it, and decided I didn’t have enough content and it wouldn’t be worth it, but I recently found a few other photo-link ups that I’d like to participate in so that may make this blog too photo-post heavy? I’d really like to keep this place where I can do the “life” posts, but for me photo-posts are mixed in with life, but don’t know if that may be too much for one space….

Ok…. stop rambling… onto something else

3. Seton info package. Really having a hard time realizing the Katherine might be kindergarten age this fall (I know I could definitely wait until next year), but really? She might be? When did my baby girl get so “old”? Anyways, I requested info for Seton, since that’s what we’ll be using (*gulp*), and yes, I know that I’m super duper early for this, but I’m curious and I want to get a head start on stuff (mostly, how much it costs and how we’ll pay for it). I tend to be really, really great at planning extremely far ahead, then really, really bad at following those plans once it’s “time”.

4. Understanding bosses. The kind that talk you into your value as a member of the company… and also the kind that generously loan $$ to cover expenses while your husband is out with a broken tail bone (it’s *almost* better now). {For those that don’t know, I work for my dad.}

5. Neighbors. The neighbors that share our driveway have girls roughly the same age as Katherine and John. We haven’t seen them much this winter, but they were able to play together this week. The kids loved it, and since they were playing over there, I was able to have about an hour of kid-free time in the middle of the day :). I also was thinking last night how much of a blessing these particular neighbors have been. The mom was a great support last fall with everything that was going on and just being able to have someone close to talk to, it’s been so great. I remember when the house was empty, I was a little nervous about who would move there (you never know in this part of the city), and I prayed and prayed. I don’t think I could have specified anything better 🙂

6. Great News! Unfortunately, it’s not mine to disclose :(, so the specifics of what it actually is will just have to wait. But, YAY!!!

7. Photo. No post of mine would be complete without a photo (oh, wait, except for two that didn’t get anything… but we’ll just ignore that detail). karl and computer WMSo happy for kids and their imaginative play. Also when they play by themselves for extended lengths of time. Also for old computer pieces that get turned into toys 🙂

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Small Success Thursday {5}

Well, other than the kids getting a bit stir crazy having to stay indoors due to cold, it’s been a pretty normal week over here.

I noticed at some point today that I spend a lot of time judging the good/special moments in our day to day lives by what immediately precedes or follows them. Therefore if something nice happened after a particularly rough day, I’ll have a mental snapshot of the nice moment, but each time I refer to it, I’ll explicitly remember the not so nice that came before it.

Here’s to not remembering the hard moments surrounding a perfectly good memory and focusing on the good and special moments of the past week.

1. One thing I’m thankful for this week is impromptu movie nights with my hubby. Popcorn included 🙂 I think this may have been the first time we’ve sat down with popcorn and watched a movie. And apparently I never knew the story of Jack and the Beanstalk…

2. Tickle sessions with Karl. After spending most of today running around and not doing mommy stuff, it was really nice to be able to have a minute with Karl just tickling and goofing 🙂

3. Oil change, light bulb change (in the car) and groceries all paid for in cash (therefore not “costing” us dollars in the checking account).

Thank you Jesus for the little gifts you’ve give me these past few days; open my eyes to keep seeing them for what they’re are.


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