Small Success Thursday {5}

Getting back into all my blogg-y linkups this week. I think we’ll be settling in for an end of the week/weekend at home due to winter weather. Maybe if I sneak it in real fast no one will notice it: but I don’t mind the snow. At least not now. If this was March and the 10th major snowstorm of the year, than I’d have a different opinion. But for now, I don’t mind.

Other small successes of the week:

1. Jared met with a customer at the house last Friday (something he never does). I decided I’d just keep the kiddos upstairs and out of the way. Ended up doing minimal organizing of the boys room, but what I really enjoyed was just spending time with the kids, setting up their road for the cars, and just sitting with them. I couldn’t DO anything (no computer, couldn’t be in the kitchen, didn’t want to walk to the basement with laundry), so I just sat with them. I realized that it didn’t cause anything to fall apart. My dishes waited, we still had clean clothes, the blogs weren’t going anywhere. It was just peaceful.

2. Glad for being able to spend most of New Year’s Eve with the family. Especially glad for the dance I got to do with my dad. We never had a father-daughter dance (I was homeschooled – so no school dances; and my wedding was a very small, low-key, home ceremony – no dancing there). Anyways, it was nice. And I’m so glad someone picked up my camera and took a photo 🙂

me and dad

3. I really enjoyed doing my Reading list posts (to read 2014, and what I read in 2013). I enjoyed that I have a place (the blog) to share what I want to accomplish, even if it doesn’t always get done.

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Small Success Thursday {4}

I’ve really missed doing this link up from I love the idea of sharing a few things every week to help keep the focus on the positives.


Just a few quick thoughts and positives from this week

1. Oil/Heat/Knowing a plumber… We’ve been going to switch over our boiler to gas for a while. But anyway, I’m glad that God allowed the oil that we had in the tank to last until Sunday (instead of going out earlier and leaving us without heat even longer). Grateful for a dad who kept the tank with just enough diesel to keep it going until the plumber could come. I’m thankful that we are part of a small family owned construction company that has good contact with a plumber who came out to do the switch. And cleaned the boiler. And fixed the water line going to the pila (I don’t know what you call them in English, a utility sink…?). And gave us advice on our water heater.

2. Twenty-Eight years. I celebrated my birthday this week. I know many people don’t like getting older, but I don’t mind it. Being a mom to little people, there aren’t many days where I get much attention. I’m not an attention seeking kinda person, so I’m totally fine with this arrangement, but having a special day, is nice. To all those that sent me notes, if I somehow missed thanking you, then I thank you now. Thanking God too for another year, and for the many great things He has taught this past year.

3. Reminded of the shortness of life tonight. We all went the Shrine of Our Lady of La Sallette (in the US, not France) tonight. A few years, maybe five, a group of us went there, had a good time, looked at the lights, took some photos, etc… One of the young men who went on that trip passed away earlier this year, I didn’t know him well, but my brother and some other friends were very close to him. Somehow, for me, La Sallette will always be a place that I remember him. It hit me as I was taking pictures of our group this year, that any one of us could not be here in five years, for whatever reason. And while yes, that may be a bit morbid to use as “success”, I’m glad for the reminder it gave me to appreciate and be grateful for the time that I do have with those that I love.candle1 candle2

Small Success Thursday {3}

Small-Success-Thursday-250pxIt’s been an up and down week over here (well, maybe, more technically, an up and down day). I’m working out the how/if I’m going to post on that …

For now, though, small successes that have been there this week:

1. Thankful for my husband this evening. He took the evening with the kids. I really needed some “quiet” time and the kiddos were especially rambunctious this afternoon after a good dose of cake and candy and neighbor kids and a birthday party. So, he let me leave right after dinner to go shopping. It was only food shopping and browsing the book shelves at Savers (thrift store), but still, what I needed. As a bonus I came home and the dishes were done!!

Also, thankful that God allows me to hear Him speaking through my husband. So often I get worked up by things Jared says or does that I don’t like, but, when I really need it, he will say Exactly what I need to hear, and the miracle is I will actually HEAR it. And I know that’s God, and I’m thankful for it, especially since there’ve been a few of those moments in the past week.

2. Thankful for my children. Last night I had the opportunity to lay down with both my boys (at different times), to help them get settled into bed. Normally that’s not something I do, but they were (at different times), just not settling down to sleep, so I finally decided to just lay with them. Their heads so close to mine… eyelashes almost touching my cheek… glancing over at me and grinning because I’m laying in bed with them. It was something I would have loved to be able to capture on camera (how their faces looked in just those moments), but it was also something that if I had gotten up to go get a camera, the moment would have passed, and I didn’t want to loose it.

I’m thankful for the blessing of my children.

3. Homemade things. Sometimes being able to create what you need, instead of having to buy it, feels like a great accomplishment, even if it’s something small that no one will really notice. I love that God gave humans, I don’t want to say “ability” and “talent” (although those definitely do apply to some people… I just don’t have that much ability/talent with a sewing machine), but “creativity” and “imagination” might work, anyways, I’m glad He gave us those tools to figure stuff out. It makes life interesting.

~Ruth Anne

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Small Success Thursday {2}

I know, Thursday is past, but I really wanted to get back into visually seeing my blessings written down. (And I would have tried to do this last night, but I was exhausted.) It really helps me to refocus and realize that I have been blessed, even if sometimes the days are long.

The link at says “Gratitude is a Beatitude”, so these will focus on that.

1. God provided food. Quite literally, our neighbor dropped off a bag of food. They periodically do this. I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t ask, and I’m learning how to swallow my pride and accept with a smile. Potatoes, white bread, Greek yogurt, and cabbage… I can do SOMETHING with that.

Also, in the food category, my brother bought milk. When I told him that he didn’t have to do that, I could buy it, he just said “oh, it’s fine, besides you’re almost out” (I had completely failed to notice how low I was on milk).


2. I’m thankful for my job. Specifically for the funds it brings to our home. Having a job itself adds a layer of stress to when I am home (it did before, and hasn’t changed really since I’ve been back). I read a post recently about working gratefully, and without complaining, even though you’d rather be home. That’s been playing in my mind, even as I complain about working. So, I guess this isn’t a “success” yet in my attitude, but the “grateful” part is, and I’ll continue to work on the complaining part…

3. My Children’s Example. Earlier this week, as part of our “school” we made a list of “Good things God gave {child’s name}”. They were filled with normal 3- and 4-yr-old things that they would count as good “books”, “bunnies”, “candy”, etc… And while those may seem like just ordinary things, I think it is good to remember that God gives us ALL things, even the ordinary, small, everyday, typically thought of as “not important” things. I’m grateful for my kids showing me that.



Small Success Thursday {1}


I found this link-up in one of the many, many blogs that show up in my inbox everyday. It’s rather funny that it showed up today, just when I was thinking I needed to start re-arranging my thoughts to FIND the little blessings in my life, since things tend to go rather haywire when I don’t intentionally look for them.


Small Success Thursday returns.

List three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life. Then ask a friend to come and participate too.

1. My children (all three) napped at the same time this afternoon! For almost two complete hours!!! Normally, the 3- and 4-year-olds don’t nap, but today they did. I am so grateful for the little bit of time that I was able to have to sit and enjoy the quiet.

2. I have been really amazed at how God has been speaking to me (pretty much the same few messages over and over and over) through things I’ve been reading and homilies I’ve been hearing. I remember praying last Sunday at Mass, “Dear God, please let me hear what I need to hear today” {not explicitly stated: “even though I know I will have to wrestle three little ones during the homily, and I will most likely miss portions of it…”} I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Of Course! God listens. I heard what I needed to hear and it’s been confirmed in other situations already since. 🙂

3. That I managed to make a menu for the upcoming week using mostly items already in the pantry! Makes for a shorter than normal shopping list. Always glad to have that! Saves some much needed dollars for other important things like bills.