Simple Things Sunday {Rainy Day}

As promised earlier, I’m sharing a photo post.

While I’m mostly feeling better physically from Baby4, I’m still a bit on the tired side. And, most of the time when I’m really tired, my temper gets to about this short: __

Wednesday was a very low day. At some point though Katherine found an umbrella and begged to go outside. It was barely raining (had been raining off and on all day), and not toooooo cold (although Spring is definitely taking it’s sweet time showing up in the warmth department), so I decided to let them go out. We procured a few more umbrellas and spent about 10 minute outside:
















(As a side note: the flowers and plants LOVED all the rain)




These last two are a “hideout” they built. They’ve been really into building hideouts, since they’ve been spending a bit of time in front of Netflix watching their favorite show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which features all things pirates, including hideouts 🙂

That’s all for today. (I promise no more posts!) I can’t promise more posts next week, but I hope to do at least one or two. Jared made a comment a few days ago saying that it’s been so long since I did a post and that I should do one. So here ya go, two.

~Ruth Anne.

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Sunday Snapshot {trip to GA}

Well, it’s been a while folks (or a while for me, since I usually post much more often than once a week). Anyways, last Friday (14th), we up and left to Georgia on two-days notice which left precious little time for getting ready and planning to be away for a week and basically no time for blogging. We were there for just about a week, and after 17 hours and 2 days of being in the car we’re back home.

Thank you all who have been praying for our family. My father-in-law passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. We won’t be able to attend the Memorial Service due to Jared’s probation and court ordered classes (that can’t keep being missed). Details on the memorial service can be found here. Overall I feel that everyone is handling his passing well. It has been a very long good-bye and although a sad event, there’s a lot of peace that comes with it being over.

Overall it was a very nice trip. The weather was great (I mean, can’t get much better than temps in the 60s in mid-February). We had a nice time with the family and we were able to meet a niece who we haven’t met :).

The first night we spent with my cousin, his wife and their two girls in South Carolina (yup, that was a total of 14hours in the car for one day…). Once the kids got over being at someone’s house they didn’t know, they had a great time.

playing doctor
candy land
playing candy land with Grandmama and Aunt Hannah
she figured out how to climb this tree and loved it
she figured out how to climb this tree and loved it
we got one of us!
we got one of us!
these boys loved this pond
these boys loved this pond

kat and lanie 2 kat and lanie(couldn’t decide which one I liked most so I put them both)

(Katherine and Lanie-Jane – cousins)

4 cousins
all the Holloway cousins – can’t tell they’re related at. all.

We did a short trip up to the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I think it may have been my first sight-seeing trip in Georgia.

Monastery of the Holy Spirit
Monastery of the Holy Spirit



not sure of her fascination with kneelers, but it’s so sweet to see 🙂

And, that’s gonna wrap things up for this week’s photo post.

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Sunday Snapshot {mini-getaway edition}

On Friday night – Saturday morning, we all traipsed down to Little Compton for an overnight at the house we almost frequently go to. This was the first time I’d been there in the winter. We were the first to get there, and while we figured the heat would be set low, we weren’t expecting to find it not working. A few hours later with the help of a couple wood stoves and a few heaters, we were good.

Saturday morning, someone realized the ice was strong enough to walk on. So, that’s what we did.

Karl, well, actually all my kids, were fearless, but Karl was the one to “run away” the most.


We did manage to snap a family shot (on the ice). 🙂 Please ignore all the squinty looks…. snow + ice + sun = perfect combination for squinty eyes. But gotta do what you gotta do if you want a family picture.

I didn’t take this photo (below, or above actually), my lovely sister did both.

I love the angle. They were attempting to build a small fire outside. I guess technically this could count for our winter bucket list item…


And since we’re speaking of the winter bucket list, we did make a few snow angels:


Complete with a face


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Sunday Snapshot: instead of watching football

We unexpectedly ended up with most of the family (plus all the additional’s that follow 🙂 ) over here to watch the Patriots this afternoon (they lost, boo, but it’s a good thing I don’t get too caught up in all that). Anyways my little ones obviously didn’t care much for the game either:

painting papa's nails
painting Papa’s nails (bright pink)

He was a very willing subject 🙂

kids painting Abbas nails

Gotta love aunties who are willing to have their 3-yr-old nephew paint their nails!

We also decided to take a break from watching and make some cookies! (Good thing my patience tank was FULL today – I had a 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 year old helping)


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Simple Things Sunday {16}

Wanted to share a couple of photos that I took from outdoors after our snowstorm Hercules! (These are just phone pics, so nothing fancy)


Shoveling the driveway; fence posts;
Blueberry bush with snow; our street

My children of course have been jumping to go outside, never mind what the temperature is. We had a little bit of time yesterday morning where is wasn’t too bad. They decided to dig their bikes out of the snow and have a little ride.



What can I say? They love to ride 🙂

Happy Epiphany!

~Ruth Anne

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