My Sunday Best {1}

Happy Pentecost to everyone! I ummm, didn’t wear red. Nothing that fits at the moment. Well, I did actually have a red sweater in my closet, but it was just too Christmas-y/winter-y so I couldn’t bring myself to wear it.



Brown on hunter green with a grey sweater? And flip-flops because….. Well, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Zachary (18 months) decided that pre-5:00 AM was perfect for waking up. I let him try and work it out in his crib because I am decidedly against pre-5:00 AM wake-ups. (I managed a few more small chunks of “sleep” and we made it until 6:00.) {Lack of Sleep}

Mass this morning was a combined Spanish/English service which started a little over an hour after our regular Mass time. Not really a problem, just throws the schedule off a bit. For example, you know how when you have an extra hour to do something, you *think* you have plenty of time to get things done… so you wait, and wait (and wait) until too late to start doing said thing and then end up rushing? Yeah. That was this morning.

Nice leisurely breakfast of cold cereal well before time to get ready.

Time to do not one, but two loads of desperately needing to be done laundry (99% of the time I don’t actually do laundry on Sunday… that whole Day of Rest thing… but today fell into that 1%). As I was getting the second load out to dry (diapers do so much better in the sun), I realized that time was too close.

I can’t even remember what the 45 minutes looked like between that load of laundry and getting in the car. Except for one very specific thought (just ONE) and that was to make sure I changed my flip-flops before we left. (That didn’t happen).

But, we all made it to Mass. Our Pentecost service is outdoors. This year was in a big covered, event tent which was fine. It was a bit on the windy side (I pretty much kept thinking the Holy Spirit must have been blowing in/out/around…) which is super loud in those things, especially if you’re right near the edge. Kids, did really well, Z especially. There were only two reeeeealllllly long walks to the bathroom. And only one outfit change.

We did end up skipping the picnic after. Just too much for us today. And while I’m not a huge fan of the outdoor Masses (although, I do think the covered tent is better than straight parking lot in the blistering sun), I really enjoy having the combined English/Spanish service. And, there was just something really special about the Mass today.. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit moving after all.


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My Sunday Best {1}

My Sunday Best

Sorry folks, I have absolutely no details on my outfit. I know I picked up my sweater at Savers a few months back. Ant the skirt and shirt are maternity clothes that have had their first and possibly only wearing this round of pregnancy/post-partum. They still fit, but they’re on their way back into the big storage bin in the attic.

Johny was my photographer of the day. I actually had already changed from Mass (since… cold)… But then I remembered I wanted to make this post this week, so I quick changed and had him snap the photo during nap time (he was glad to “not nap” for a few minutes).


I mentioned above that my maternity clothes are heading back into storage soon. And some of the baby clothes are already too small (hello 3-6 month clothes!) so they’ve been put away too. Put away for what?

Well…. a potential future baby.

Every time I’ve put an article of clothing away, I find myself thinking “…until next time”, then I’m like, wait! What? Next Time? You mean, I’m going to use these again?

And while I don’t know 100% for sure if we’ll have another baby (I’m not God), it seems likely given my age – I’m all of 30 years (plus 137 days) old and we’re Catholic and open to life (also open to spacing, so no babies right away, unless God throws a curve ball) but, we also just like babies. We like kids.

Yes, they’re a lot of work, but I think we’re finally getting to the point where for some of the kids (the older three), the hands-on work part is getting a lot less. There are other things we’re doing now, but the physically exhausting part is not quite so much with them now.

{Side note: I was at Mass a few weeks ago, by myself with the older kids and the baby. Someone else was holding the baby, Katherine went to Childrens Liturgy and the boys were writing on the bulletin without squabbling over the pen and I felt like I had a nice little break to listen to the homily. That doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but Mass felt “easy” for the first time in a while.}

But back to my train of thought…

The thought of having more kids used to make me really nervous. Not the actual having more children (the number of kids has never really bothered me), but the being pregnant aspect of having more kids. It’s always been hard for me. Physically the pregnancies have been not so bad, but mentally/emotionally they’ve been a lot harder, especially the last two.

One thing that really helped me to be much calmer about the possibility of more children was being part of a few Facebook groups where the mamas there were on baby #6, or #7 or… #10. You know, like…solidarity. But more than a “if they can do it I can do it” thing (because I don’t think I’m called to just have as many babies as possible), but more of a “other mamas have done it and survived” sort of thing. Other mamas have lived their faith and it’s been ok. And it gives me peace of mind for an eventual next baby.

Plus…. Katherine still wants a sister. 🙂


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A WIWS post

WIWS 2-28

Many thanks to Katherine for taking the photo. Apologies for the closed eyes… for some reason I thought it would be a better idea to stand looking into the sun. Oh well 🙂

The outfit details:
Shoes – back there behind me. It was warm out. I don’t like shoes, so they were off when we came home
{Total side note: I tend to take my WIWS photos after we get home from church, since it’s usually not rushed or anything, but I find that it often leaves me shoe-less}
Skirt – Super comfy long maternity skirt that doesn’t necessarily require tights
Top – Somewhat comfy maternity top. Purple for Lent!
Sweater – Non maternity, kinda too small, but still comfy and nice enough to wear to Mass
Belly: 36 weeks 3 days

There’s also a little necklace, and if you’re looking for technicalities I wore my hair in a pony tale and under a veil during Mass.

Also for reference, I have taken a few pictures over the last few weeks, but never blogged them, so here they are:


I know we’re already three weeks into Lent and all, and to be honest I don’t have a ton of thoughts to put out on the internet this year. I think I knew coming into this year that I wouldn’t be “doing” much. This is the first time I’ve been on this end of pregnancy for Lent and it’s come with a special sort of difficulty and much discomfort. So I’ve found myself trying to offer those things as my sacrifice this year. Taking the “easy” way out? Maybe. But this is what I can manage.

I also keep thinking about a song that was played during Advent: Almost There by Michael W Smith {link to youtube video}

The lyrics are:

Mary, full of innocence
Carrying the Holy prince
You’re almost there, you’re almost there
Mother of the Living Word
Trusting in the voice you heard
You’re almost there, you’re almost there

You’re almost where the angels see
Redemption’s plan unfolding
All hope is in the Son you’ll bear
You’re almost there

A lonely road, a willing heart
Pray for strength to do your part
You’re almost there, you’re almost there
Trust the Father to provide
Bread of heaven prophesied
You’re almost there, you’re almost there

You’re almost where the waiting ends
Delivering the life within
The answered prayer, Emmanuel
You’re almost there

You’re almost where the journey ends
Where death will die and life begins
The answered prayer, Emmanuel
You’re almost, almost there

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this song a lot. And it’s been “real” in a sense to me because I’m nearing the end of my own pregnancy journey. Now, I’m not Mary and my baby isn’t Jesus, but the line especially Where death will die and life begins has been especially front and center because how much is birth like a kind of death? A passing from the womb into life. My due date is Holy Thursday, one day before Good Friday. One day before we “celebrate” the Ultimate death into life.

That’s been my “to think about” this season. And it’s not an easy one to forget about!


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What I Wore Sunday

little bits and pieces

I suppose I could label this a “Daybook” post, but greatly modified. Because those always have a lot of headings, and take me a lot of time because I feel bound to do EVERY SINGLE ITEM…

So this week, just a few things I wanted to join in on, but didn’t want to jam everybody’s inbox/newsfeed with lots of separate posts.


~Black and White Capture of the Week~


Matt and Zachary. Love their hands together
(BW Photo)
(I shared the color version of this yesterday for the weekly 365 Project)


~Feast of Corpus Christi~


Today turned into one of those Sunday’s where “just showing up” took all the effort. One kiddo ended up sounding so much worse with his hacking cough once we got to church. One fell off a kneeler and was totally embarrassed (and started bawling). Baby was OK as far as babies go, but he’s 7 months, so…. needing to eat, and deciding not to sit with others, and pulling off veils and such (all normal).

Anyway, I can’t remember any of the details of father’s homily, but he focused on “sacrifice” – the Sacrifice that Jesus gives to us every week on the altar. I know that my {very} small scale sacrifice of just being at Mass this morning was nothing compared to Jesus’ sacrifice for us, but it did help me to have a slightly tangible grasp on the enormity of what Jesus went through for us.

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~Currently Crocheting and other projects~

Just one last thing on the afghan and then I won’t mention it again (until I get it hung up 😉 ) I wrote up a little bit on things I pondered about marriage while working on it ~ right here if you’d like to look.


I did a little bit more work on the doily. I have about one-quarter of this round left then, I have to make the inner ruffle and inner flower in the center.


Need some good listening recommendations while I work on this, so please feel free to leave suggestions (podcasts, radio shows, etc..)

I also picked up a few mending projects this week.

Mom requested a hem for two pairs of work-jeans. She said she would have been charged $12/pair if she took them in somewhere. I figure since she watches my kids pretty often and I don’t pay her, its a fair trade 🙂mending

I also ran a seam through a pair of Katherine’s jammies.

I honestly don’t know why I leave things laying around as long as I do. It literally took me less than a minute to run the seam (actual time to do the project was more like ten minutes though because I had some company who was into things he shouldn’t have been and I had to rethread the needle a few times because my sewing machine is finicky like that, and I had to get up for a few other things… such is life with kiddos)

Also on the mending pile:
~ stuffed bear that Johnny is really attached to
~ converting a bib to a wash cloth
~ a one inch hole on one of my shirts (on a seam so definitely an easy fix)
~ a button for one of Katherine’s sweaters


If you have a stash of sewing/needle/textile projects waiting to be finished, consider joining the fun! Leave a comment here (or over at Saint Affairs) with what you’ve finished recently or are planning to soon. Or if you blog, write up a short post and add it to the link-up!

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I’m *only* reading:

Story of a Soul (still)
Gaudy Night – by Dorothy L Sayers

I have great plans this week to write up what I read in May and also share a few fun children’s books we’ve run across in the past few weeks. We shall see folks. We shall see.

I finished it!!!!! {and WIWS}


First we’ll take care of what I put together for Mass yesterday:


I, ummmm, didn’t manage to get a photo before so… this is after we got home. And I realized only after the photo was done that my hair was needing to be redone.


What I wore:

Black Sandals (BTW I only have one pair of church sandals, and it’s these ones, which I wear all summer, until it’s absolutely impossibly too cold to wear them anymore, because I really, REALLY dislike closed shoes – that to say, I’m not going to keep mentioning my shoes, unless for some unknown reason I wear something else).
Black skirt with purple “embroidery” {thrifted}
Black sleeveless top {Belk sale rack a few years back}
Pearl necklace {gifted by my grandmother, but it belonged to my great-great-Aunt… just love little family details like this <3}
Pearl earrings {gifted by an aunt and uncle in Costa Rica; part of my first set of pearl anything}
Veil (you can see it in last week’s post ~ it was well off by the time we got home)

One of my favorite things about Trinity Sunday is that we usually sing the old hymn Holy, Holy, Holy. And before becoming Catholic I had only ever heard that hymn sung in my non-Catholic family, so I had always associated it with being a Protestant hymn (which when I looked it up it actually isn’t strictly Protestant, as it was written by an Anglican for the purpose of Trinity Sunday – reference here), and it was always a nice hymn, but it never really stood out to me.

I remember last year, Father was doing his homily about the Trinity, and he did the Benediction and they played that hymn for the recessional.

Just the words:

God in Three Persons, blessed Trinity!

It was just the perfect way to tie it all. I was able to internalize it so much more!

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I finished my afghan!!!

or, well, I guess it’s Jared’s afghan 😉

afghan done1

afghan done

And… it won’t fit hanging on the wall where I thought it would. (That’s a queen sized bed and it’s laying across the end). So, another place I shall find.

I have some thoughts on this project that I’m in the process of writing up (the goal is to have them finished by Wednesday)

UP next:


Finishing up the doily in the inset. This picture was take WAY back right after I had started it (early this year), and I’m on the outer edge now, but if you look real close there’s a flower in the middle that needs to be done, and that’s not done.

This is a project requested by Katherine, since she wanted one for her table so she could match my table. Actually, what she really wanted was the doily on my table, but I decided I would make her one because somewhere in my foggy New Year’s / Winter brain that seemed easier?

But it’s nearly complete now, so I’m just going to finish it 🙂


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