Karl’s world {June}

I thought, since it’s a “month”-day of Karl’s I’d share some of what he’s been up to recently. He remains my most challenging child, as well as ¬†the most advanced in many ways. He’s also in that perfect stage where he spouts some perfect gems. {For reference he’s 3 years and 5 months}

Saying things like…

{Under a tree, on a cloudy day}
“I’m laying in the sun”
{two minutes later…}
“The shade is getting in my eyes”

“sneakers are for sneaking outside in”

“mom, you don’t have to take your clothes off”
{in reference to going pee, said while putting his pants back on}

“Johny’s not crying.” – “I’m crying.”
“Crying people wanna have books”

{While using a pencil crayon, doing “school”}
John: It’s tricky
Karl: Yeah, it’s trippy.


His “lion” shirt:

Karl613-6(Its just more orang-y in real life, and up until a week ago he was still wearing it)

His “wedding” shirt


(I also have a wedding shirt, BTW. He excitedly informed me of that fact the other day!)

Light-sabers in his shorts


(admittedly, not stored in said shorts, but this was a very important light-saber bicycle battle)

“Worker Pants” (jeans or jean shorts) {not to be confused with “smooshy pants”}

Favorite bedtime song…

The “you, you, you” one

{very similar to this one, except we have a different line in the second verse}


Favorite¬†other songs….
{sung/hummed, literally: All. The. Time.}

Star Wars theme song
Silent Night

Nuance of the month…

Needing to have his blanket on his pillow.
If it’s not straight he’ll tell me to “straight it”…
If it has wrinkles in it he’ll tell me to “flat it”…
I asked him why he wants his blanket on his pillow, he told me “so it doesn’t get cold”


A Brilliant idea…



{Also as a side note, his baby “book” is the least complete of everyone’s, so I thought this could be a way to keep his record. – Not saying anything about how often this will happen, but right now seemed like a good time!}