“that moment when…” {7QT #30}


…you go to find one of the deuterocanonical books of the Bible and the Bible is laid out  in “order” (instead of all those books in one section in the middle)…

#MightbeaCatholicConvert. Anyone know any catchy kids song to learn the books of the Bible with those books included? (You know, like the ones all the Protestant kids learn in Sunday Schools… I learned one, but it doesn’t include the books…)

…you go to begin a crochet project and your 6yo has been trying to make a blanket with your thread (and some knitting needles)

…you send in your first official Letter of Intent {to homeschool}

{gulp} this is getting real. I mean, we did school this past year, but nothing registered anywhere, so it didn’t feel like we were going against any system. Now that the paperwork’s been sent, I feel like we’re in the system and going against it.

I know. I know. It’ll be fine….

…you must just face the fact that the bouncy seat weight limit (11lbs I think it was?) has long since been exceeded.

Also, I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to be able to push their feet on the bottom and get to a nearly straight position…

…you forgot the baby was trying out the bigger jumper and he fell asleep

it only lasted a few minutes. But am hoping he begins to enjoy this piece of equipment soon because the bouncy seat (in take #5) is just not going to last much longer.

…your kids start talking (and talking and talking and talking) and you finally realize it’s about video games

…and you have no idea what they’re talking about. This has seriously happened to me multiple times this week.

Just not cool in that department 😉 But hey, I did agree to learn a card game based on one of these games… Gwent? from The Witcher? I think? {this is from Jared’s games not the kids game}

…you remember its Friday and the kids go to grandma and papa’s and your husband makes dinner. 

#mombreak #datenightin

{Still have the littlest so, still feeding him when he needs to eat and all that…}


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Just things… {7QT #28}


In which I attempt to highlight a few things I meant to highlight over the past week, but then lost energy to do and forgot about…

Siblings February

Siblings Feb

Completely forgot to do this post until I saw another blog’s post on the topic show up in my inbox. Whoops. I really do try to make an effort to get at least one photo of them all together every month.

And, these kids and apples. The bag I bought yesterday morning is gone. All gone.

{This portion of the post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

dear beautiful
Cardiologist Update
Katherine had her annual cardiologist visit. EKG and ultrasound. All continues to look good. The main thing they are watching now is the aortic valve. Because of the location of the hole (right under the aortic valve) I guess it *could* cause there to be weakening in the valve and cause there to be back flow of blood into the heart. They didn’t see any of that, but that’s what they’re most “concerned” about. {And I use that word only because I can’t find a less scary word to use}. So we’ll just continue with yearly visits to see if it does anything.
For those that like these details the Z value for her hole is just above 2, which from what I understand is just a little above normal.
Katherine did great. She was most excited to watch “Elsa” during the ultrasound and to get stickers after.

Last Week for Me…

So, I posted on FB asking for prayers that I would be able to sleep because Baby’s position was such that it was nearly impossible for me to lay down.

I should have clarified (because many thought that baby was breech) that baby is already head down, and fully engaged. It seemed to be better from this Sunday night through Wednesday/Thursday night, but then last night things started to get uncomfortable again.

So… we’ll see what happens. There isn’t a whole lot that can actually be done at this point. I may try to get another PT appointment if things get really bad again (there was one day last week where I could barely move), but we aren’t there at the moment.

I had decided at the time to offer these all up for your intentions, so leave ’em in the comments or send me and email (address to the right), or find me on FB or somewhere and I’ll add them to my list!

Also last week…

My grandpa (my mom’s dad) passed away. He passed on Ash Wednesday, which really kinda made the entire Ash Wednesday service seem very real and “in your face”.

I was never horribly close to him, but I still feel his loss. I’ve become closer to my grandmother these last few years and I think I feel more for her loss of a husband of 65 years (please forgive me if I’ve gotten the wrong number of years, couldn’t remember what year you were married).

A cousin of mine put together a video slide show of his life. It can be found here. It’s a little lengthy, but was very nicely done. (His name is Aziel for those that are wanting to pray for him.)

Theme Thursday contribution
With Michaela @ California to Korea


exposure-contrast cherries (orig)


Upped exposure a little bit, the contrast just a little less.
Also upped the shadows exposure and must have added just a little vibrance.

exposure-contrast cherries

As I stated in a previous post, I edit nearly all the photos that pass through the blog. Or, actually anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Micaela was talking about Instagram tips over on this week’s TT post. I actually find that if I’m going to be doing almost any editing on my phone I prefer to use a few different apps VSCO and Snapseed are my first choices, and Little Moments and ABM (A Beautiful Mess) are my secondaries. I personally feel they offer more control than IG, and that’s just a personal preference. But, I like editing. If I’m not going to edit a picture too much I’m more likely to just throw it up to IG!

And just because every now and then your kids do something that makes perfectly good sense…. ????

Now I’m off folks to find my second “after dinner” snack.

And, yes, I know. Totally fudging this last take. But, I’m out of words. And hungry. And tired. So to bed after this 🙂


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All about reading {7QT #27}


I have been meaning to write a “What I Read in ____________” post for, um, three months? Or at least two. So, quick version of what I’ve read “recently”

{Full disclaimer: I started this post a week ago…}

Linking with Kelly, etc.. for Quick Takes.

Before I start if I could just ask for prayers for my grandpa who is has begun his final journey here on earth. And also for my grandmother and peace for both of them. As well as for the family thats traveling to be with them during this time.

It seems there are many things to pray for this evening. A few family members live in France, a little outside of Paris, I haven’t heard anything from them one way or another.. continuing to pray for all.

And, on a slightly happier note, we’ll be finding out Baby #5’s gender tomorrow so if you want to guess, place them in the comments 🙂 Also prayers that all would be well are also appreciated.

Now, what I’ve read.

Outlander series… by Diana Galbadon

Dragonfly in Amber (book 2) and Voyager (book 3)

I mentioned in the last one of these posts I made that I really loved the Outlander book (first of the series). Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve really enjoyed them so far. I am taking a little break from them for the moment because I can only read about two or three books of a series before I just need a change of pace. So I’ll probably pick the series back up in the new year.

Fluffy Summer Reads:

*Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos
I finished this book right at the beginning of July and I’m pretty sure my pregnancy brain erased any deep thoughts I had about this book (which may not have been there in the first place). But, needless, I enjoyed it. It’s a story about love (obviously), just not quite in the way you’d expect.

*The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
I’m pretty sure this gets classified as “fan fiction”. And while I’m not normally one to jump onto the “All Things Royal Family” bandwagon (nothing against them, I’m just not crazy into it), this was a fun read. Kinda fairy tale-esque but not too-too sappy, which I tend to enjoy 🙂


*Teaching in Your Tiara by Rebecca Frech
I enjoyed this quick read about homeschooling. It’s set up in a super easy Q&A format and I think I finished in within two days. It would be really helpful for those considering homeschooling, but also it has a lot of great things for those that are already homeschooling…. like a way to refocus.

*The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith
I forget where I first heard about this book, but I’m glad I decided to pick it up. It’s all about making your home beautiful and being content, using especially those items you already have. It’s not quite a “how-to” but more of “here’s an idea” kind of book. It’s pretty much not overly religious, however she summarizes at the end with:
“The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.” (Ps 23:1)
This struck me as so powerful. I’ve always taken that verse to imply that we have everything we physically need to survive (food, clothes, etc..), but I had never really considered it as applying to the “extras”. I think in this book she really does a good job of saying the extras, while, no, not absolutely necessary to survival are, or can be, a way to make a home a happy place and ultimately point towards God.


For both of these books, it was pretty much the same thing for me. I really just love reading other people’s memoirs. I may get a few good quotes our of the book (My Life in France) or I may just be too absorbed in the story of their life to remember to write anything down (Something Other Than God). Either way, I really enjoy seeing life through other people’s eyes.

*My Life in France by Julia Child

*Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler
Side note story about this one: I brought the book home from the library and set it on the window sill (something “urgent” came up so I took care of  it). Katherine saw the book laying there a little while later and asked what it was called.. (I told her)…
She then replied: But, there’s nothing other than God.
Me:…..ummm… yeah…?

Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood (Multiple authors) Edited by Roberta Cottam
This was a short little review book I read. And let me just say it was so great. It’s a collection of essays, stories and a few poems and felt like just being wrapped in a cozy blanket. It brought a feeling of camaraderie in a very gentle loving way. Very enjoyable.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
 by J.K. Rowling

I’ve been wanting to reread the series forever. But once I listened to this podcast by Fountains of Carrots I actually picked up the book and started reading. Plan to reread the series over the next few months!!

Didn’t care for:

* The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand
This was totally a fluffy summer read. And while there wasn’t anything totally wrong with it, I just didn’t really like it too much. Maybe its because I listened on audio book (which I’m finding doesn’t always work out well for me). Or, maybe it’s because an address was referenced for here in RI that was just completely off, which made me feel that not enough research was done, which made me start questioning the realistic-ness of other aspects of the book. Too picky? Maybe.
Rules of Civility by Amor Towles
I just didn’t get this book. I tried. But I just didn’t get it. I heard somewhere it’s probably best to read this with a book club to discuss all the stuff that comes up. But…. I read it on my own and just… nada.



Guess I should update {7QT #26}


I realized, after receiving a message from a relative out of town, that I had asked for prayers for Zachary a few weeks ago when he was in the midst of an unknown rash, etc… but then I didn’t bother informing the internet of what has happened since.


Z. was officially diagnosed with an allergic reaction probably to penicillin. That was by the dermatologist. That was fine… well, not fine, fine, but at least we knew what was happening.

But… the pediatrician was still not convinced it was totally an allergic reaction. And to be honest, after watching the rashes over a few days it definitely looked like there was more stuff going on. Like, the rashes that he had, the one on his face and the one on his body and the other one on his butt, were all different.

We never really have figured out what happened on his face. He did have a staph infection concentrated around his nose, but I don’t know if those were related. We didn’t test anything else.

His allergy rash is pretty much all cleared up. Whatever was on his face is mostly gone as well. His nose is still a little raw. Actually it’s double raw now because he was trying to crawl out of the garden box and nose dived onto the bricks. And his yeast infection is much better, but still hanging around.

And the ear infection that was starting has all but cleared so we didn’t give him the second antibiotic. Didn’t want to have him react to that one too while he was still getting over the first.

So, that’s him in a nutshell. Much better. Thank you all so much who prayed!


In a related vein, I’ve had a few hints dropped that I should be changing pediatricians because she “wasn’t able to diagnose the allergic reaction…”

How to say this? It seems to be one of those things where you really had to be there to see the progression of things. I’m not really going to get onto a huge “defend my pediatrician” soapbox here, but I do want to say I’ve known this doctor for over 20 years. You can’t build a relationship like that over night. There have been things in the past which have made me realize how important it is to have someone who knows you and your family for that length of time and could vouch for you if need be. That’s not something I take lightly, and that’s not something I’ll ever be quick to throw away.

Could she have maybe suggested allergic reaction before two Wednesdays ago (when the rash really did look allergic)? Yes. Did she? No. Did she have her reasons? Yes. Did I talk to her about it? Yes. Multiple times. Did she miss a diagnosis? I don’t know.

Are others able to have their opinion on whether or not I should keep this doctor? Absolutely. Do I have to listen? I’ve noted the concerns and I do thank everyone who has voiced them. I do understand that you care about our family and you only want what’s best. So do I.

Something a bit more positive

Well, lets move on shall we?

Katherine moved upstairs. Like all the way to the 3rd floor. She likes to refer to it as her “attic room” or “tower room”… basically think “Princess Room”.

Other than falling off the bed the first night and having that room be on the chillier side, she seems to be LOVING it!  She hasn’t chosen to have her “nap” down in the living room since she moved up there.

I think it’s a good thing for her. She seems to need her own space. I have nothing against the kids sharing a room, even a boy/girl sharing, but she needs to have a space to unwind all by herself.



If you’re going to allow your kids to “help” with the laundry, you should probably keep an eye on them.

Or else…

The pile of wet, dirty rags may end up in the dryer (not washed).
Tha half full basket of clean laundry that was waiting to be brought upstairs may end up in the washer (again).
Double the amount of soap may be used.

I guess it’s good that Kat. has figured out how to make sure the load level is set to “Super” and “Cold” so that way at least we won’t end up totally killing the washer by overloading… Or the clothes by hot water/colors running…

Photo class: Getting stuff printed..

This class (called Embrace Your Phone) popped up in my FB feed a few weeks ago and on a whim I decided I would join (it’s free!). It started Monday, but she’s still taking sign ups I think. It’s a short class, but basically so far deals with getting the pictures off your phone, organized (and purged), and eventually printed.

So far I’ve managed to get rid of about 300 pictures (working from about 1000, taken over the course of 3+ months) that I would never have printed and basically are either really bad or just pointless.

Anyways, getting pictures printed has been one of my yearly goals for a few years now (failed every time). Ideally I’d like to do a photo book a year. So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, it’s been super helpful for me. 🙂

Z’s 1st Birthday

In the midst of all the doctors visits last week Zachary celebrated his first birthday!

He was only semi-interested in the cake with a candle. And he only halfheartedly chewed on the non-frosting end of said candle when we put the cake in front of him. But he sure did enjoy that cake straight up!

We had just a little family party with dinner and cake and that turned out to be enough for me. I think I was just so exhausted by that point in the week.


Shared this last year I’m sure.. This is Z within an hour after he was born. (I’d share the ones of me holding him, but…. they aren’t quite internet-appropriate… and I can’t find them on my computer… so 🙂 )


And just realized this post is over 1000 words (longer than I normally aim for)… and it’s after 2:00PM and I need to get my dinner going, like, now. So with that I’m fudging out my last “take”. More quick takes at Kelly’s!


“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth…” {7QT #25}


… and other things kid-related from this past week.

Siblings for October


siblingsHere’s another. It includes all the siblings+holders.

Both from apple picking earlier in the week.


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

dear beautiful

“Mom doesn’t let us brush our teeth”

Is so politely brought to you by John. We had their annual physical this week and they (Katherine and John) were chatting away with the doctor going on and on about… everything…

When asked if they brush their teeth, John answered as above.

But, as with children, that’s not actually what happens. Some days, after everyone has been put to bed, prayed for, sung for, tucked in, gotten their drink of water (again) and used the potty (again), they suddenly jump up and “remember” they didn’t brush their teeth. But by this point I’m usually done with the “getting out of bed” stuff so I say “not tonight”.

Hey, I guess I can be glad it wasn’t Karl talking {see take #4}

“We need to polish the red guy” ~ Karl

Me: {thinks for a minute} I think you mean “We need to apologize to the guy in the red house”.

Apparently the kids saw a neighbor out in their yard earlier this week and decided it would be a fun activity to throw rocks over the fence. On purpose.

To say I was upset was an understatement. And yes, I marched them all the way around the block (his house is behind ours on the next street over) to “polish” to him.

“This is my fravrit beer” ~ Karl

Jared brought the boys with to the liquor store to pick up some beers last Sunday afternoon. Not really a big deal. He occasionally brings them for an outing.

 He (Jared) was walking through, didn’t realize Karl wasn’t right behind him until he heard him talking (see above statement). I guess even then he didn’t think much of it until an older gentleman responded with “oh, really?”. To which Karl apparently continued the conversation with something akin to “yeah, I drink it all the time…”

{Before anyone gets all up in arms over this, lets review the facts: Karl is 3. We don’t let our kids drink, even to taste. And Karl has the absolute confidence of a great yarn-spinner.}


Had a checkup today Thursday {that’s how long it’s taken me to finish this post yawl…}. All is well. It did take the midwife nearly a full two-minutes to find the heartbeat (not good for mama’s stress). But she did find it. Apparently he likes hiding way down low.

Anyways, have started feeling those little tiny baby kicks these past few days and that’s started to make things feel a little more real. Still don’t know if I’m in full blown “excited” mode, but definitely starting to feel  a little more connected.

P.S. to the post linked, thank you so much to everyone who has commented or responded in other ways. It’s all meant so, so much! ❤


Zachary took his first steps this week!!!! Jared saw the first “series”, as in, the first that were more than one-step-fall. 🙂 He walked from the TV table to the coffee table

This here should take you to the little video I uploaded to YouTube (on the off chance you didn’t catch it on FB when I posted a few days ago). Again, I add my same apologies: Sorry for the darkness of the video, I have no idea how to edit videos in any form, unless it’s on IG. But even then, I still can’t quite figure out how to cut out the parts I don’t want…. So, I can do regular pictures, but not moving ones. Anyways, carry on…

{Not kid related}

And since I’m almost out of coffee and I’m not sure Z will be lasting much longer, and did I mention it’s now not-quite 7:00 AM on Saturday? I’m finishing up with this weeks question:

Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?

Well…. Honestly I don’t remember. I think I mostly found that *ALL* the blogs I was reading was doing this thing called “7 Quick Takes” every Friday and I had no idea what it was. It kept popping up and eventually I decided to join. But, even now {full confession}: I have a hard time finding specific blogs in the QT link-up, so I do some random clicking to check out a few – I’m not one of the people who reads every linked-up post (sorry, but if someone wants to watch the kids for a few hours so I can spend the time glued to the laptop that’d be cool!)

One of the blogs I currently read that occasionally does QT (but don’t remember if I found her through the linkup) is Sheila at The Deliberate Reader


Z. has lost it. Running for now. Happy Saturday! M

More QTs over here!