Five Minute Friday : Five


We have officially said goodbye to “Five” today. Today, you turned Six! My biggest boy! So much growing up in this last year. You’ve become so much less shy, so much more of a leader. And, if today is any indication you may finally be fighting back against your very aggressive younger brother (it’s ok, he needs it sometimes).

Just a few weeks ago we started officially learning how to read. In a matter of days you’ve managed to figure it out. There may have been some self-teaching before now, but still…. I’m actually rather impressed. (Don’t tell Kat, but you picked it up quicker than she did.) I think you could learn anything if only it can be taught in an indirect way. (This is also how you learned math on your own… ).

I can’t wait to see how you grow in this coming year. I worry sometimes that I don’t know how to teach you, not just academically, but in life. You’re so silly and goofy, really a prankster, and you have such a big heart, I pray it stays that way and that I can keep up with it. ♥


Words written in just over five minutes…. Picture took an additional twenty minutes to edit and get “just so”… Oh well…