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Found this Star Wars blanket on Pinterest. Decided to be ambitious and make it for Johny for his birthday at the end of September. Jared {only half joking} asked me which year I was planning to give it to him.

But, hey. One square almost done, so only twenty-three more to go. Plus joining. Plus the border…


Not lately, but thought I’d go back and try to at least jot down a {very} few thoughts for things I’ve read in the past few months. {These books I finished reading in April}

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Heart wrenching, haunting WWII novel. I enjoyed it.

In This House of Brede by Rummer Godden
First book to make me have actual tears running down my face in a long, LONG time!

The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbit
Read aloud with the kids. I’ll be honest, at many parts in the is book I was like “where are we going…?” But, I kept on to the end. And oh my goodness. They get to the water, and it’s just beautiful and points towards Jesus as being what we most want and are seeking, even if we think we’re looking for something else.

The Martian by Andy Weir
Sometimes just need a good sci-fi book to read. I loved the writing style of the book, and that it was science-y while still being accessible to a lay scientist 🙂


{Other tidbits from the past week or so}

Cooking: Whatever I can scrounge up in the fridge. We’re still eating off the leftovers from the cookout we had on Saturday. Tomorrow we’re planning on a meal out with Jared’s brother, and I still have a package of pork chops in the freezer.

Really, the truth? I’m procrastinating going to the grocery store. I think I can make it till Thursday, or maybe even Friday… If only the kids didn’t need their milk in the mornings…

Wanting: Maybe one extra hour in the day to read the enormous amount of books I want to read? And another hour or two to tackle all the projects that I’d like to get to?

Loving: That Nicholas is sleeping 10-12 hours a night!!!!!!! And AirConditioners.

IG account you all should go enjoy:

My brother’s:. @mattiesandchezLovely Tidbits

I know, I know, I already shared it earlier this week (last week?) on Instagram, but…. he needs {another} older sister shoutout.


I came across this photo earlier today, and shared it on FB. It’s from my brother- and sister-in-law’s wedding last year


One of my aunts commented

Su amor de esposos es el mejor regalo para sus hijos.

And, I don’t know why, maybe because it was in Spanish and I had to actually think hard about what it said so I could understand it, but it was just so special to see *that* comment on *this* picture because I forget it sometimes.
Translation: Your love between husband and wife is the best gift for your children {or something to that extent – I’m bad at translations}

Working On:

My pile of books.

Lovely Tidbits {2}


Making: Still working on the crochet blanket ( ↑ ) for Nicholas. I have passed halfway so, progress? Yes. Slow as molasses on a cold day kinda progress, but progress none the less.

Cooking: I have no idea. I lost my menu between the grocery store and home after my last shopping run. Will wing it… Maybe Rice and Beans tonight? I can pull that off in a day and I know it was on the menu for at least one day this week….

Reading: March Recap (yes, I know… March, but I really wanted to just recap the books I’ve read this year – keeps me a little more accountable – and I started this post a few weeks ago and March books had already been listed, so I figured I’d just keep them and not overwhelm the post with what I finished reading in April…. Anyway…)

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Post-apocolyptic. Really enjoyed this, was a fun read. Haven’t read many of the p-a type novels, I felt this was more realistic than some others I’ve even attempted (or rather, of movies/shows I’ve watched).

The Chosen by Chaim Potok
Read this for the book club I’m a part of as well. Really fascinating novel about Hassidic Jews in NY. But more than that. It really digs into relationships, especially between fathers and sons… and just fascinating.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
Read aloud with the kids. They loved it. I loved it (again). Wasn’t nearly so difficult to read aloud this time as the last time I tried.

Wanting: The sunshine to come back!

Loving: This little boy and his imaginative play (Star Wars, with his stuffed Witch Cat, forts, Legos, etc…)

Karl and his star wars

New Etsy account I enjoyed finding: KristynBrownPhoto – TheSaintsProject. (I somehow stumbled upon her IG account first, which is also pretty cool).

Thinking: How all of our everyday little things can be how we are called to love and worship God. It seems like such a simple concept, but in the past I’ve found it really hard to make it meaningful. Only recently have I felt it become more full of meaning and purpose.

Working On:

A pile of mending projects that are cluttering up my room. Fixing holes in jeans. Reattaching a zipper where it came loose. Hemming a pair of pants. I’m sure there’s a stuffed animal that needs some mama love…. Just the usual

Updating the blog About page to include Nicholas…

Figuring out how to make Goodreads work for me because *almost* everyone else says its the best way to keep track of books and you know I need just one more system for my books 😉

Oh, and NOT arguing/yelling. {Currently failing}.


Not sure if Cristina still has her Lovely Tidbits link up going on (if it pops up, I’ll definitely link up to it), but if not then… You still get this post 🙂

Lovely Tidbits {1}

Cristina over at Handmade Embroidery started a little Bullet Journal Linkup, which I thought I’d try. It started last week, but…. last week kinda fell apart (nothing earth shatteringly horrible, but just enough to where I didn’t get the energy to do any blog posts).

But here goes this week, a few little tidbits from me 🙂

Lovely Tidbits1Making: This crochet baby blanket. It’s for the new baby, and I think I’m about a third of the way through. I really should get a move on though because we’ve got just about five weeks left (if the current pattern among my children holds). {Here’s the link to the pattern I’m using}

Cooking: Whatever seems the easiest at the moment. So, for example today we had Nachos made with leftover chili and tomorrow we’re having fish sticks and popcorn shrimp from a box because #Lent, #Friday, #Easy. I have 0 kitchen energy at the moment.

Reading: In This House of Brede by Rumor Godden. Had it on my shelf for a little while now, decided it was time to read (plus I’ve heard it recommended as a good Lenten read?). Enjoying.
How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. It’s become my “read while eating multiple after dinner snacks”. Also enjoying.
Catechism of the Catholic Church Started last year, fizzled out about halfway through. Restarted this year, so far so good.
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis outloud with the kids.
Style, Sex, and Substance edited by Hallie Lord. It’s my “read a little section right before bed” book. Also enjoying.
(And I wonder why I never feel like I finish anything….)

Wanting: Honestly I can’t make up my mind at the moment. I have a few dollars of spending money just sitting there, and for some reason, I can’t decide what I want…. I think I really just want baby to be born.

Loving: Being able to sleep laying down. Seriously, guys, you don’t know how AMAZING that is!

Sipping: Water with ice cubes. And sometimes lemon. Would love some lemonade with ice, but remember that whole “lazy kitchen” idea from above? Yeah, it applies to making drinks too…


Bestow on us, we pray, O Lord,
a Spirit of always pondering on what is right
and of hastening to carry it out…

{part of the collect for today}

I came across it while I was questioning something else I was reading and found it helpful in making things seem not quite so overwhelming.

Working On: Getting through the books I’m reading. Keeping on teaching 1st grade homeschool. Keeping up with my 365 366 Project. And the laundry. Always the laundry.