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We finally have some blackberry blossoms. To be honest, I’m still surprised they keep coming back, since they’re in some pretty good shade. We don’t usually get a lot… well, maybe we do, but we usually eat them as soon as they’re even remotely dark, so I don’t actually know how many we get. 🙂

Our rose bushes have really taken off. They were wet today because of some “watering” by the kids. And I love some raindrops on roses…

Have I mentioned the story behind these roses? The one on the left was an anniversary gift I gave to Jared the first year we moved here. The other two photos are from a bush that was given to me by my grandparents for Mother’s Day (?) I think about three years ago.

Always makes me happy!



Zachary got to go into the wading pool for the first time today. He. Was. Thrilled. This child LOVES bath time, so getting to be in water was just so much fun!


(even the water dumped over his head by a “helpful” older brother didn’t really phase him)


(taken immediately after the water dump)


Not sure what the game was, but I totally love seeing their imagination at work – discarded tools from daddy’s truck, old flower hangers, ice cream scoops, sandbox toys and water equal so much fun and goofiness for them

I also really love seeing my boys together.


After a while they decided that the plants needed watering. I told them to go for it, especially because Someone… *cough* me *cough*…. is REALLY bad about getting them watered….

….So in order they watered: A Weed, A dead blueberry bush. Parsley

Of course that left “Mr. Chubs” with no in-pool entertainment

Until he found a leaf…

… at which point I decided that since the water was mostly gone at this point, it was just time to call it a day.


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Washing the truck and Finding Joy

We’ve got a lovely tree… well actually, let me rephrase… The neighbors behind us have a tree that spreads primarily over our yard and driveway. It casts lots of shade so the garden has a hard time growing and it produces a good amount of pollen which covers the driveway (and the birds enjoy nesting in it so we have their droppings as well). Anywhos, it’s warm today and Jared got inspired to get his truck washed. So of course water + kids = a whole lotta fun!

The Blessed Is She Link-Up topic this week is: Finding Joy. And I’ve been thinking it over, trying to find the words I want to say. At first I thought that I’d just take a few pictures and call it a day, because thats usually what I do when I “find joy”. But then I realized that capturing joy (taking photos) and finding joy aren’t necessarily one and the same.

Well, it is but it isn’t. I’ve been doing a 365 Project  for close to six months now, and it’s been great. I’ve become a bit more aware of my weaknesses as a photographer, and I’ve been able to capture just those everyday moments with the kids and that’s been great (and I’ve also managed to fill my computer with roughly 7000 photos, but who’s counting?) But at the same time it’s also becoming routine. Dare I even say, mundane?

I’ve realized this week that I have to put some additional meaning behind those photographs for them to NOT become mundane. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states

The beauty of creation reflects the infinite beauty of the Creator…”

Likewise, truth carries with it the joy and splendor of spiritual beauty… But truth can also find other complementary forms of human expression, above all when it is a matter of evoking what is beyond words: the depths of the human heart, the exaltations of the soul, the mystery of God… “from the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator,”

By remembering each time I take a picture that I’m in a sense taking a picture of God, how much more respect can I be giving to my Creator? How much more awe inspiring can that process be? How much more can God speak to me?

Everything then, down to the tiniest drop of water becomes something to find beauty in. It becomes a pathway for finding Joy in our Creator!

A blogging friend, Abbey @ Surviving Our Blessings, said this about an instagram photo project she was doing during Lent:

The important thing isn’t to do this one {project}. The important thing is to remind ourselves that God is always working, even in the most ordinary, mundane moments.

That is what I’m striving for when I take these thousands of photos. That’s what I was looking for today while my husband and kids joyfully washed the truck.

This is how I’m trying to Find Joy.

washing the car-17

…even when the baby isn’t happy to be left alone in yard while the others have fun in the driveway!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

R is for…



We brought out the little kiddie pool yesterday, since we jumped all the way to summer-like temps complete with lovely New England humidity. (I’m not complaining, really… I enjoy being warm.)


Anyways, they spent the time filling up the pool happily obliging me and making rainbows with the hose.


Unfortunately the pool was short lived. They only lasted a few minutes before someone got water dumped on their head (I know, right?) and fussing and crying were just too much. I probably should have let them just continue playing, but this was getting on towards the end of the day and it happened right after someone had decided to pee in the water… so… my patience was gone… At least they were happy about the rainbows! Some days motherhood is just hard.

Oh well, it’s only May. We’ll have some more nicer days.


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A week in photos/mini update {a p,h,f,r post}

I know the title says a p,h,f,r post, but this is also a post for confessions of a good enough mom over at A Wounded Dove, where the writing challenge this week is “A week in photos”. (There is a specific instruction to try to be in the actual photos. I think I made it into two, but Jared made it into a few, so “parents in photos”? maybe that’ll be ok.)

Taking and sharing photos is definitely something I’ve been trying to keep up with. I’ve been doing OK in that department. I’ve liked taking pictures for at least the last 10 years. I’ve had a project started for a few weeks now of making photo books (big-ish ones) of our family since we’ve been married (nearly five years!) and while actual progress on the books has moved slower than a snail’s pace, it’s been a lot of fun looking at all the photos of the kids from when they were little.


prettyWe took a spur of the moment afternoon trip to one of the local beaches. It would have been a great opportunity to take nice pictures of a beach, but such as it was we spent a lot of time looking at the aquatic wildlife that was readily available for touching due to an extremely low tide.

That beach will be there next time we decide to go, be it later in the summer, or next year sometime. But, 3-yr-old Johnny looking at hermit crabs and seaweed while laying in a shallow pool of the ocean, will only be there that time we went last Sunday. So I’m much more glad  I caught a photo of that than the beach.


happySaturday mornings we often times will walk over to my parents’ (a convenient two blocks away) and have breakfast with them. The kids LOVE going. Can’t say that I mind it myself :).

I happened to glance back and saw these two hand in hand, matching sunglasses and everything.

real4After the beach on Sunday we were all exhausted. So I tried to lay down and take a little rest. Karl decided he would just climb up next to me.

He has been quite a bit more “clingy” since I became pregnant. He’s been wanting to do a lot more of sitting on my rapidly shrinking lap, wanting to be held more.


funnyYes, so there is a story behind this photo. Karl had a little tiny skinned knee (I honestly don’t even know how he got it). He was wanting it to be wiped off. I’m pretty sure we were telling him to go get a cloth (napkin, rag, something of that sort)… He came back with toilet paper… still attached to the roll… So that part trailing on the floor was still connected a few rooms away to the bathroom. Oh well.

funny2I could probably just do an entire post of Karl’s antics. He is by far my most mischievous child.


real1This guy (and the one on the bench) got a way too long overdue haircut this past week. I would have loved to grab a photo of Karl’s cut, but, ummm, he was not being very cooperative and I ended up holding him and the phone so he would be distracted for a few minutes. It worked. He got a trim. Maybe next time we’ll get a photo.

real2‘Nother father-son shot. Love how he’s pointing out something. Love it!

real3Very real, very awkward 29 week 3 day belly shot. I know in my last baby update I said things were going good. And things still are good, but that little bit about not too many discomforts has passed. Baby Z. has decided that making adjustments while sitting way down low in my pelvis area is going to be the norm. That in itself lends to discomfort, but many of the times he moves he causes a nice long braxton-hicks contraction. Nothing to worry about (I don’t think), but fairly uncomfortable.

And there you have it. Snapshots into our week. We’ve been trying to enjoy all the summer we can as I know it will start leaving in approximately three weeks.

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“painting” in the pool {p,h,f,r}


~capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~
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 This morning I read a quote by St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

We should love and feel compassion for those who unjustly oppose us, since they harm themselves and do us good, for they adorn us with crowns of everlasting glory.

Now, I don’t have people that are “out to get me” so to speak, but I do have little ones who try my patience almost from the moment they wake up. When I read this this morning, it very suddenly hit me that they are making me into a better person every time they do something I don’t care for.

I know (in my head) that they make me a better person, but I don’t think I had really taken it to heart. There are way too many moments in the house where I jump straight to frustrated instead of trying to see the humor/good/benefit in a situation.

One thing I like about “challenges” like {p,h,f,r} is that it really forces me to refocus my energy (and thought process) to somewhere that’s not me. It’s not a bad day because we ended up with playdough covering most of the dining room (and by the time it got cleaned up most of it was too dry to reuse)….

IMG_9346…. it’s a good day because they got to mix all the playdough colors together and make “cookies”.

Without further ado, this week’s p,h,f,r from earlier in the week. The kiddos filled the little wading pool, brought out the bathtub paints and paintbrushes and “had at it”.




Nothing like using water-paint to apply some makeup



Glad to get a “handprint” on his cheek courtesy of Auntie Abba


Maybe getting a little goofy now with applying, but seems so thrilled to be doing it.



Fascinated with his belly button and painting it….


Something was hilarious


Something else was also hilarious…



real(so serious)

Here’s to keeping all things in perspective. And trying to remember to see hard moments and moments that make us better.

~Ruth Anne

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