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MakingLovely Tidbits-2

Found this Star Wars blanket on Pinterest. Decided to be ambitious and make it for Johny for his birthday at the end of September. Jared {only half joking} asked me which year I was planning to give it to him.

But, hey. One square almost done, so only twenty-three more to go. Plus joining. Plus the border…


Not lately, but thought I’d go back and try to at least jot down a {very} few thoughts for things I’ve read in the past few months. {These books I finished reading in April}

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Heart wrenching, haunting WWII novel. I enjoyed it.

In This House of Brede by Rummer Godden
First book to make me have actual tears running down my face in a long, LONG time!

The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbit
Read aloud with the kids. I’ll be honest, at many parts in the is book I was like “where are we going…?” But, I kept on to the end. And oh my goodness. They get to the water, and it’s just beautiful and points towards Jesus as being what we most want and are seeking, even if we think we’re looking for something else.

The Martian by Andy Weir
Sometimes just need a good sci-fi book to read. I loved the writing style of the book, and that it was science-y while still being accessible to a lay scientist 🙂


{Other tidbits from the past week or so}

Cooking: Whatever I can scrounge up in the fridge. We’re still eating off the leftovers from the cookout we had on Saturday. Tomorrow we’re planning on a meal out with Jared’s brother, and I still have a package of pork chops in the freezer.

Really, the truth? I’m procrastinating going to the grocery store. I think I can make it till Thursday, or maybe even Friday… If only the kids didn’t need their milk in the mornings…

Wanting: Maybe one extra hour in the day to read the enormous amount of books I want to read? And another hour or two to tackle all the projects that I’d like to get to?

Loving: That Nicholas is sleeping 10-12 hours a night!!!!!!! And AirConditioners.

IG account you all should go enjoy:

My brother’s:. @mattiesandchezLovely Tidbits

I know, I know, I already shared it earlier this week (last week?) on Instagram, but…. he needs {another} older sister shoutout.


I came across this photo earlier today, and shared it on FB. It’s from my brother- and sister-in-law’s wedding last year


One of my aunts commented

Su amor de esposos es el mejor regalo para sus hijos.

And, I don’t know why, maybe because it was in Spanish and I had to actually think hard about what it said so I could understand it, but it was just so special to see *that* comment on *this* picture because I forget it sometimes.
Translation: Your love between husband and wife is the best gift for your children {or something to that extent – I’m bad at translations}

Working On:

My pile of books.

Yarn Along ~ Jan 6

Good evening dear blog readers. Thought I’d do a little Yarn Along post. {Really, I’m just trying to jump start blogging a little more regularly again, and the everyday ordinary stuff that I’m doing seems to be what’s gonna work best for the moment}


I guess it’s a little tiny bit hard to make out much detail, but I’m currently reading:

The Count of Monte Cristo (can’t quite tell from this picture, but I’m only at 9% and book club discussions are happening NOW!!!!)
So, just as soon as I finish up Cress, which is getting done – just hard to read when you’re interrupted every other paragraph to answer questions/comments like “mommy, does 4+4+10 equal 13?” {side note: I admire my 5yo for thinking through math questions, the majority of the time he gets them right, but multiple times for this one was just not helping this AM}… anyway, just as soon as I finish that book I’ll be able to focus a little more exclusively on Count.

You know how I said in my reading post a few weeks back that I was only going to try and read the twelve books for the bookclub, plus just a few more? For the year? Yeah, so I have already added two more to the reading list for this month alone. And I can foresee this becoming a problem in future months. Maybe I should make some sort of a plan….

Alright onto my crochet project.

I am attempting to make a baby blanket for the new arrival. The blanket is supposed to be rectangle I promise, just that first chain row somehow has ended up tighter than the following rows so it seems to be turning… Details of the project, I’m using leftover yarn make this. Maybe it seems a little “cheap” to not go and buy new yarn for a new baby, but in all honesty I have SOOOOOOO MUCH YARN, like I’m not even kidding. So I found {hopefully} enough of three colors and am going to try and start using up some of my stash!

Anyways, this is my first ever baby blanket. Totally isn’t hard. It’s not even so repetitive that it’s boring. So all of those are wins!

I started it this early (with just about 11-12 weeks to go) so that I can hopefully bring it with to the hospital for him. 🙂

Anyways, enough rambling for this evening. Joining in with Ginny’s weekly post 


Yarn Along #4?


I heard a friend of mine say once “it must be getting cooler, I’m getting the urge to knit something”. And while I don’t knit, I definitely know the feeling when it comes to crochet. Something about sitting around with a pile of yarn and some crochet hooks with a blanket on my lap… just about right.

crochet project-2

Although, come to think of it, I don’t usually just sit nice and cozy under a blanket. Recently most of my “yarning” {as Karl likes to call it} happens while I’m doing something else… like school work…

Katherine has requested a stuffed animal hanger like this one I made ages ago for the boys room:

crochet project

And I’ve been promising her one *forever*.. The other day I was upstairs and spotted the yarn so decided to just pull it out and see what I had. Conveniently she was there too so she picked the colors….

crochet project-3

I *think* she was aiming for a totally pink one, but then saw the sparkly red yarn and wanted that…… so…. red and pink match, right? Hopefully well enough for her.

Trying not to get too ahead of myself and start another project while I’m working on this one. This is great motivation to finish because I have a few other things I want to put together before Christmas.


Currently Reading:


Delancy: A Man, A Woman, A Restaurant, A Marriage by Molly Wizenberg. I read her first book A Homemade Life a few months back and really enjoyed it. This is a continuation of her and her husband’s story and their adventures in opening their restaurant.

Oh, I just love me some memoirs (I have two others lined up for right after this, and they’re library books so you know they’ll get read!)

~Ruth Anne

Small Thing Yarn Along 

Daybook {24 May}


Outside my window…

I am praying….
For baby Felix // my little cousin Gabriel // my neighbor’s nephew, Jose, who suffered a brain aneurism over Christmas // safety of the family as we go about our daily life

I am thinking…. 

I am thankful….

For the warm weather!

I am wearing…. 


WIWS524-3 WIWS524

Red Shirt
Black Skirt
(Black sandals – not visible)

Mass was outdoors today, otherwise I would not be wearing the sunglasses.
This my first time to link up with WIWS over at Fine Linen and Purple

I know many people in the link up post where they purchased their clothes, brand, etc… But… to be honest a good 90% of my clothes are thrifted, and I’m not a huge clothes shopper and don’t normally go for the Name Brand/Designer stuff. I do try to make an effort with what I have for Sundays, but it’s pretty simple. Just wanted to encourage others to do the same with what they have. 🙂

And, please do excuse my headless shot, my 5yo photographer couldn’t quite see the image on the phone screen, and was just a little distracted by squinting in the sunshine and being outdoors for Mass.

Edited to add:

Every year on Pentacost our parish does a bilingual combined outdoor service (in the parking lot). There’s always a cookout after, so it’s nice to see others who attend who you wouldn’t normally see. 

And the priest does the final blessing in Gaelic, which I think is so neat! 

I am creating….

yarn along 524-2

Almost done with the afghan!!!! Joining in with a new link up to finish up sewing/needlework projects for the summer. I’ve been working on this one for over two years now. And I’m ALMOST done!!!! Just the “UNITED STATES” at the top. (Here’s the link to the pattern, it was free when I first got it, you just have to contact the designer for it!)

And for upcoming projects…. I know that *one* project is actually started on the white thread above, a Thanksgiving potholder which has a turkey attached… I was supposed to finish it for Johnny last year, but obviously I forgot. Oops. So that’s on the list.

There are definitely others. But I’m quickly running out of time for this post, so I’ll catch them on the next round!

Oh, also if you could please PLEASE PLEASE, give me your comments/suggestions/advice for how to hang the afghan on the wall I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve never hung up anything this big:

yarn along 524

So… ideas. Please. Send them my way. Thank you in advance!

Link to the link-up in the image! (Over at SaintAffairs)

Also linking with this week’s Yarn Along @ Simple Things

I am going….

No where for the next few days! Yay!

I am wondering….

What to do for schooling for Katherine this upcoming school year. Thinking about first grade. But still have to figure out what that will look like.

I am hoping….

All the things we’d like done on the house while we’re gone in July will be able to get done.
These include: Tile in the upstairs bathroom, refinishing the floors in the dining room, fixing the floor in the kitchen, installing dishwasher… and maybe redo the front porch?

I am learning….

How to let go of things. Stuff (see below) and things that annoy me.

Around the house….

Still working on decluttering. Have managed to get rid of two bags of excess boys clothes. Bits and pieces at a time. Am trying to make myself get rid of things that we don’t use or that don’t work, but some how or other have a sentimental attachment. Those are always the hardest.

In the kitchen….

Cookout tomorrow with the family that’s around
Tuesday – Rice, Beans and leftover meat
Wednesday – Roasted Chicken
Thursday – Steaks bought on discount, will probably let Jared decide how he’d like to fix them
Friday – ???
(actually that’s as far as I got in my menu for the week)

I am pondering

Music in Mass. I know some people don’t care for it. I however love music to be in Mass, so long as it’s at an appropriate place (but I don’t care to have a praise and worship service DURING the Mass time).

But, mostly just pondering how powerful music can be, especially when combined with the imagery of the Church!

A favorite quote….

A good parent prepares the child for the path, not the path for the child.

~ Jen Hatmaker (from this article)

I am reading….

Finishing up Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Then on to the other two library books, then on to the other two books that have going at this point in time. 🙂

One of my favorite things….

Flowers (irises)

A few plans for the week…. 

Cookout tomorrow, then nothing really for the rest of the week. Again, YAY!

A peek into one of my days….


I always have plenty of help with my to-do list.
(This was to measure the bathroom for the tile)


~Ruth Anne

Linking up with The Simple Woman, Fine Linen and Purple, Saint Affairs (links throughout)

Finding time {Yarn Along #3}



Joining in for this weeks Yarn Along fun, by Ginny @ Small Things

It’s absolutely not secret ’round these parts that I have too many hobbies.

Way. Too. Many.

Firstly, I like to crochet….

yarn along may 6 (1 of 6)

This is part of the doily I’ve been in the process of making for Katherine. I pretty much work on this one when I’m teaching the kids to read. There are many repeating elements (many, many, MANY repeating elements), so by one or two repeats I’ve got it for the remaining 167 stitch combos that are exactly the same.

I love crocheting with thread, but it does get tedious.

yarn along may 6 (2 of 6)

Anyways, one way I find time to squeeze in this particular project is while doing something else. As mentioned: teaching the kids to read, or watching a show, something I don’t do very often, but I make an effort at so that I can spend some time with Jared doing things he likes (I just can’t get myself interested in playing video games – the other option)… But, I digress.

Sometimes though, especially with my bigger still-not-quite-done project *ahem* I have to just sit down and do it. Once the morning chores are done and the kids are outside playing (and the baby’s napping) I’ll gather everything up, and find a space outside to set up camp and do it.

This is the strategy I employ when I just need to finish something. And this project is way past the “Just Need to Finish” stage.

I’m aiming for Father’s Day

yarn along may 6 (6 of 6)

At this point in the process, I’m actually not liking how this afghan is turning out. I’m not sure the patter was written all that well to begin with, but I also think my stitches are too tight. Which made the inner circles a little more oval-ish than circle-ish…. But J. doesn’t seem to mind, so I’m gonna just try to work myself out of not liking it. I have to finish the black and outer gold circle and add “UNITED STATES” at the top. Then I’m done. (But first, actually I have to go get some more gold… and red… because I don’t think I’ll have enough to finish… 😦 ).


For reading:

Here’s what I read in April.

I’m also reading:
* Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander) by Diana Galbadon
Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, Third Edition by St Therese of Lisieux
* Catechism

Finding time to read….
Usually in the mornings for a little while, until about 7:15-7:30, so the earlier I get up the more I get to read 😉
At nap time also known as: that time after lunch where my kids go upstairs and make noise and don’t actually sleep, but I get the downstairs to myself for a little while….. yes, I wish there was actual resting going on, but most days… nope.
Before bed, if I make it off the computer soon enough to get in some time before I fall asleep.
Little snatches here and there.
Oh. Super long doctors visits. Can’t tell you how many books I’ve made significant progress in while waiting at the doctors (this tip also applies when you’re getting your tires changed and/or looked at for the third time in two months…)

~Ruth Anne


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